This weekend….

Anybody racin?

I’m still trying to pick between the cross race in STL and volunteering at the BT Epic. All volunteers at the BT are entered into a drawing fro a SS 29’er…

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Crusher of beers.

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  1. I’m not racing. It’s tempting to volunteer for a chance to win that bike, but I have too much work to do on my 4-plex. Damn it! If you win the bike can I have it?

  2. Well I guess we’ll see..maybe I’ll give you my GT instead if I win?

    I guess maybe I should win it first and then start making plans. Cara and I are going to head out there and volunteer on raceday. Hopefully I’ll have some cool pics, I’m excited to see how these things work behind the scences

  3. Too late, you already offered me your GT. Definitely post up some pics when you get back. I bet there are going to be some bad-ass riders there.

  4. I didn’t win the bike, but I did get completely wasted on free micro-brewed beer the night before the race at a huge bonfire/ bluegrass jam at the campround.

    I woke up and there was a strange message on my phone, it said: “Robin’s hair is as dark as a raven’s wing..”

    I have no idea what that means, but I woke up with a killer hangover so I know I had a great time.

    I’ll race this one in ’10

  5. Robin is my sister!!! She works at the Jeff City Target and her dark hair is how you will know her. That and she’s adorable.

    Mystery solved.

  6. Well, now I have to go to Target to see if Robin’s hair is truly as black as a raven’s wing, because I have a hard time believing this to be true. A raven’s wing is pretty damn black. We shall see.

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