Our First Sponsor

As we all know, adventure racing is a bit expensive. With all of the gear and entry fees, etc. the cost of racing can put a pretty tight strain on one’s budget…not to mention the stress of explaining to your wife/girlfriend why you just spent $80 on another Camelbak since the last one didn’t hold all your gear.

Team Virtus is proud to announce that Jed Leeper, (of the Associated Real Estate Group), has pledged himself to be our very first sponsor. Jed has been a friend to me for a long time and has actually sold me two homes.  When Jed isn’t selling real estate, he pursues his true passion as a football coach at South Callaway.

Here’s a link to his info: http://www.associatedrealestategroup.com/bin/web/real_estate/AR173624/AGENTS/DETAIL/GAD35109/1250093214.html?category_val=

Just remember, when you support Jed you’re supporting us, and that makes you an athletic supporter.

About Bob Jenkins

Crusher of beers.

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