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It’s 24 hours of Syllamo. I’m not sure if I can medically handle this, (epilepsy and all), but I think if we trained a bit and worked on the nutrition aspect we could really do well….especially since there is a clydesdale class.

Race info can be found here:

I want 2010 to be the year that I do some really serious endurance shit. This looks to be about as punishing as it gets.

Who’s with me?

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  1. That sounds ridiculously cool! The 2400 feet of climb and 2400 feet of descent per lap sounds brutal. If we do this, we need to start training now… And a new bike wouldn’t hurt.

    I could definitely be talked into doing this. Anyone else want in?

  2. I am in. However, it’s the same weekend as the LBL. Which would we rather do? Do any adventure races ever have a clydesdale division?


    Hey guys, I stumbled across a couple of adventure races and thought I’d let you know about them.

  4. Thanks, Brandon! The Adventure Max 8 Hour Adventure Race looks great, and it’s only an hour and a half from here.

    It looks like this will be the first time Ultramax puts on an AR. I’ve heard they put on great triathlons, so I would assume this would be a quality race. Definitely a possiblity.

  5. Bob and I did the DuZou duathlon through Ultramax last spring…it was pro! They put on very organized events. I’m doing both duathons in Columbia next year, you guys should come out and do those too.

  6. I was pretty sure that was the race you guys did. Good to know they put on good events. I might do the duathlons in 2010, too. Especially since they are so close to home.

  7. It was very well put together, and the schwag shirts are very cool. I seem to remember free Shakespearre’s pizza as well, which I would gladly run a duathlon to enjoy.

  8. mmmmm…free shakespearre’s

  9. Bump. Registration for this mofo opens at midnite on New Years’

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