Bored on A Sunny Day?

Maybe you should ride to Hermann. I did and it was great. I even made a few friends. This guy right here really likes cheddar/pretzel combo snacks but he doesn’t talk much.

Loving life burns a lot of calories, so I stopped off at this high-class establishment  for a Sammich and a Red Bull:

Then it was back onto the trail to see some more badass scenery:

I don’t know what the proper name was for this thing, so I decided to call it The “Really Big Rock” :

Click on the image to enlarge it, and look how small my bike is when compared to that rock.

Views of the MO River never really get old for me. I think I took the above and below photos in Portland (?)

Then I shocked the Biology community with my discovery and subsequent naming of the “Ninja Lizard”. These little critters are fast, but they’re really delicious with asparagus spears and a nice glass of Shiraz.

Pictures really don’t do this ride  justice, but you get the point.

When I got to Hermann I had to refuel, so I stopped here:

and got this:

What’s the point of ordering 1 when you know you’re gonna drink 3 in 5 minutes?

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Crusher of beers.

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  1. That looks like a flippin’ great ride! Man, I gotta get me a cross bike. If only I was rich (or didn’t have a whole litter of kids) I might be able to afford one.

    We need to get some Hennessy Hammocks and just head out on our bikes one day, camp at a sweet site, and bike home the next day.

  2. I’ll buy the hammocks, you buy the bikes and we’ll do it this summer. Looks like a blast. Looking forward to riding with you gyus over Christmas.

  3. Looks like a great ride, and Luke, you definetly need a cross bike. Not that I really know, I’ve only been on mine maybe 5 times…but I love it!

  4. I’d love to get a cross bike, Brandon. Maybe sometime next year. And hey, we need to get together and ride sometime at Binder or something.

  5. Yes we do. I’ve been wanting to ride, but can’t seem to find the time. I’ve only been out twice since the bearcat cross in September. Sometime after the holidays, you, Mr. Jenkins and myself will go tear it up…who am I kidding, you two will tear it up and I’ll suck wind. 🙂

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