Goin’ Camping – To Adventure Race Camp That Is

High Profile Adventure Camp - For Adventure Racing

If you haven’t heard about this adventure racing camp, then you need to go check it out right now.  The 3-day camp will cover topics such as orienteering, canoe and kayak paddling, and fixed ropes (rappelling, zip lines, ascending, traversing). There will also be the longest and highest tyrolean traverse in the Midwest at this camp – over 500 feet long – holy donkey turds!

Tyrolean Traverse during an Adventure Race

Tyrolean Traverse

The paddling portion is taught by Jeremy Rodgers, an elite adventure racer, professional paddler, and a member of the US Canoe and Kayak Team.  So I guess he has enough credentials to possibly show me a thing or two.  On the other hand, maybe I’ll be able to give him some advice – “Don’t push the water, pull the canoe.” Well, maybe not.

I’m a little nervous about the ropes stuff since I’m not a huge fan of heights. However, if I ever want to do longer races, I’m going to have to learn this stuff sooner or later.  It also looks so flippin’ fun… I can’t wait.  Check out a couple of pics from last year’s camp:

High Profile Adventure Racing Camp Zip Line

What did we get ourselves into?

High Profile Adventure Racing Camp Zip Line

Uh... That looks really damn high.

To see all of the photos from last year’s camp go here and also go here.

The camp concludes with a 6 hour adventure race including orienteering, mt. biking, paddling, fixed ropes, and caving. The race, called Lightning Strikes, also happens to be a qualifying race for Nationals.  You have to place in the top 3 or 4 as a 3-person coed team, though, which means we won’t be qualifying for Nationals.  The Lightning Strikes race is also part of the Checkpoint Tracker Series, which is pretty cool.

All instruction, the 6 hour race, lodging, and some of the meals are all included for a measly 175 bucks.  Since most adventure races cost $100 or more anyway, we thought this was a pretty good deal.  The camp takes place the last weekend of March in Mount Carroll, Illinois.  I can’t wait to go, and we’ll take lots of pictures to post.  So… Who else wants to go?

About Lukas Lamb

Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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  1. That looks awesome. I’ll see if I can get off work.

  2. I’m in. This thing looks like an amazing/scary time. I’ve got about 30 minutes of rope experience…on the climbing wall at the YMCA.

    Blathering Blatherskite!!

  3. Aww Sheeeit!!! It’s gonna be crazy, man. I feel like a kid at Christmas. I can’t wait to go. So far, it’s me, you, and Casey. I think Zack is going to sign up, too… I hope anyway.

    Now we just need to figure out where to get climbing gear on the cheap or maybe rent it from somewhere. Anyone out there that can help us out with this? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  4. Update: Zack is already signed up. This is going to be EPIC!

  5. This is going to be like playing on one HUGE jungle gym:)

    We need to get a helmet-cam or something for when all that rope-work is going down.

  6. Can’t wait. You can get all the recommended climbing gear for under $100 if you don’t go too fancy. Plua, you’ll own the gear and can use it at all the longer races we are progressing towards.

    I am pumped that 4 of us are going. How about Frew and Darin? Have you guys heard from them?

  7. http://www.madrockclimbing.com/

    Check out this site for climbing gear/packages. You should also check out EMS.com, REI.com, and Backcountry.com. You can get everything you need for under $100. Especially with some of the package deals. Make sure the harness is UIAA approved. I am not sure how to do this, I found a list online but couldn’t open it at work. Let me know what you guys frind out.

  8. Did you guys notice there’s going to be a cyclocross course during the adventure race???

    I can’t stop thinking about this camp.

  9. Hey man, I think you were reading last year’s info. There was a cross race last year, but I haven’t read anything about it for this year’s camp or race.

    I can’t stop thinking about this camp either! It can’t get here soon enough. On the other hand, I still need to get in better shape before it gets here.

  10. Only 16 days til this thing goes down….

  11. Less than two weeks!!! Will it EVER get here? I can’t wait. And here are two updates from the camp director’s twitter page:

    “Partnering with Chicago Orienteering Club to produce the most accurate maps ever of the Mississippi RIver Palisades SP and Camp Benson.”

    “Ron and I spent the afteroon vetting a portion of the Lightning Strikes Adventure Race course. Impression…? Probably one of the best!”

    Seriously, I’m so excited I might pee in my pants… again.

  12. Umm… Right now the forecast for Mount Carroll, IL leading up to next weekend calls for rain and snow with temps ranging from 30 to 44. That could definitely change, but this could get serious in a hurry.

    Bob, I know you love doing this stuff when the weather gets nasty, so you just might get your wish. Thanks, jerk!

  13. Nothing gets you going in the morning like a trek thru waist-deep water in 30 degree weather….now that, I will not be looking forward to.

    From the sound of things we’ll be having too much fun to give a shit about the weather anyway. I know I will, I’m hoping to have a new camera just for this trip.

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