Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet Leeloo Jenkins.

Bob's new Specialized Epic 2010

Of course, when this picture was taken I had owned the bike for longer than 5 minutes so it’s completely filthy. Leeloo is an Epic 29’er Comp, and I really wish I would have bought this bike first. All bikes have their purpose, but I’ve got a bit of a hunch that my other 2 mtb’s are going to be gathering dust now.

Right now I’m sitting at work looking at it through the window. It’s sunny and 68 degrees outside….I’m about to completely lose my mind.

About Bob Jenkins

Crusher of beers.

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  1. LeeLoo is beautiful! Will she be “riding across the sky?”

  2. Let’s hope she lasts that long 🙂

    Redheads are tough, right?

  3. That’s one sweet looking bitch!!

  4. Man, that’s a sweet bike! We need to see a picture of you holding it up with one arm, man.

    That’s a badass name for a badass bike for a badass biker!

  5. Nice ride man. It makes my King Kahuna look like a K-Mart special. How do you like the full suspencion? I have only ridden one a couple of times but think I could get used to it really quickly. See this weekend at Camp.

  6. Congrats Bob

  7. Bob, the bike looks great.

    Did anyone else notice how svelte you’re looking these days? The competition will fear you.

  8. Leeloo looks FAST… I just found out that Syllamo 24 SS category is RIGID… WTF??? As if this wasnt going to hurt enuff… I guess its time to H.T.F.U..

  9. Hey I’ve got an extra 29’er rigid fork if you need one, it’s off of my GT and I think it only weighs about a billion pounds 🙂

    Embrace the pain Sasha, embrace the pain.

    Peat, it’s the new jerseys; They have an amazing girdle-effect.

    Whatever Drew, I see how it is.

  10. Bob, you’re too modest. You look completely different that you did this time last year. Hell, you look completely different than you did a month or two ago. It’s not the jersey. It’s the hard work and dedication. Oh, and it’s GOT to be the cross-training.

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