Race to the Dome Canoe/Kayak Race- Who’s In???

Race to the Dome Canoe Race, Jefferson City, MO

Bob just brought this to my attention, and I think we’re going to do this one as a two-man team.  Who else wants to do it?  It’s a 16 mile canoe/kayak race on the Missouri River from Hartsburg to Jefferson City on July 3rd, 2010.  It’s affordable, it’s close to home (for most of us), and it looks like a blast. Check out more info at www.racetothedome.com.

The best part is that this race will benefit the Missouri River Relief, a group “dedicated to reconnecting people to the Missouri River through hands-on river clean-ups and education events.”  This is the first year for this race, and it’s a grassroots kind of thing.  So come on out and join us.  It would be fantastic if we could get a bunch of Team Virtus members and friends out there racing in this.  At the very least, help spread the word by telling everyone you know about this race.

And seriously… You should do this one.  Yes, you.

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Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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  1. Dude, if I can get off work we’ll be all over this shit. It’d be nice to go to a race where we didn’t have to drive 4 hours to get there.

  2. Dude…I am in. But only if it is all three of us in the same canoe and we use kayak paddles. Where are we sitting? Bob in the middle?

  3. Only if we can hook up a waterproof boombox in the back of the boat and watch Casey break-dance. ‘Biner even wants to do this thing.

    Somebody get Jeremy Rodgers on the phone, it’s gonna get nasty round here.

    P.S. ‘wonder if Deiter and Petra have a canoe?

  4. No, seriously, count me in. I need this sciatic nerve (back and leg) issue to clear up so I can get back to training my butt off. If it is resolved by then (and I totally expect it to be) I’ll be out there for Independence Day weekend and would love to race. Hopefully, I have my new yak by then. Is ‘Biner really in for this race? She could pair up with my old lady and they could be an all female team. We’ll figure out the boats once we know who all is planning to do the race for sure. I’ll bring my bike and we can ride some too. Are we hydrating with beer during the race r are we stroking it hard and going for hte gold? Looking forward to winning this short canoe race…

  5. bobjenkins79

    Casey, I’m so glad I get to be the first person to quote you as saying”…..or are we stroking it hard and going for the gold?” Wow.

    I talked to Steve this morning and he confirmed the Brick House Deli is sponsoring this thing. He’s super excited about this event and plans to make it an annual thing. He was even talking about turning it into a duathlon using the Katy Trail. Steve owns the Brick House and is also the guy who handcrafts Beaver-stix hiking sticks. His sausage-egg breakfast burritos will blow your mind.

    I also talked to Biner and she’s stoked to do this thing, so…..holy shit. If we don’t win I’m totally going to dump her.

  6. First of all, I love my Beaver Stix Stick. Secondly, the breakfast burritos at The Old Brick House Deli are the perfect thing to eat after an early morning ride. Love ’em.

    Making this into a duathlon would be very cool, too. I’d definitely be interested in it.

    So, it looks like Team Virtus will have a coed team of Bob and Cara, and if Old-Man-Casey can heal up in time and get rid of his walker, then he and I can team up.

    So let’s figure this all out for sure and sign up. Anyone else want in? Drew? Darin? Brandon and Ronda?

  7. bobjenkins79

    I’m kinda hoping to get some Team Trail Monster action out of this thing too. Email has been sent.

  8. soon as i get back from the DK I’m starting my training regiment. don’t have a clue as to what I’m capable of, but I’ll find that out when i start training.

  9. You goin’ solo, Barry? I bet you could hook up with Egerdal and fly down the river. That chick is a water-borne anmimal. You can check out her site at laurac1w.com You might have to prove yourself before partners with you, though:)

  10. Hey Bob, I ran my first trip last night (tues). Started at Hartsburg, finished at whatever that ramp is below the bridge into JC. Got it done in 1hr 13m. Anyone else try it yet?

    Partner huh? Man, I’m not very good with partners.

  11. Barry, what kind of boat did you use? And did you stage a car or bike to get back? Or did you just tough it out and paddle back?

    I haven’t been out there yet. I really need to. I need to track down a canoe/kayak first. My brother from NY is bringing his new tandem kayak that we’ll probably use, and Bob has something lined up for himself and his woman.

    It should be fun, but we need to get out there and practice.

  12. Luke,
    I have the old Grumman 17 footer if you’d like to borrow it for the summer. Just swing by and you can hold onto it for a while. I will probably use my new yak for most of my boating needs in the future. Let me know if you’re interested?

  13. I’ve got an Old Town, model is the Loone, it’s 10′ long. And I just swam back up to Hartsburg, that way I could get in a bit more of a workout.

    Okay, I staged a vehicle down at the boat ramp in JC. Did this with another kid who also wanted to get in some test runs. I’m going to do maybe 3 more before the race. Just that one time I figured out a couple of things I need to improve on.

  14. make that model 111, it’s 11′ long

  15. Hey Berry, here’s a link to the “evolution of a paddler” routine I was telling you about. Note how much effort he’s putting out in the beginning as opposed to the end of the video where he’s using almost nothing but his core and legs.

    Oh, and you’re welcome.

  16. Will we get full frontal nudity pics after this one? Luke’s bare ass is getting old, if you’ve seen it once…..

  17. Cara and I will be out on the water “training” for this thing tomorrow. If any of you guys wanna hook up, we should be on Binder around noon-2ish. My cell phone is….unusable.

  18. Amanda, you couldn’t handle full frontal nudity in your condition. Seeing me naked would cause your mucus plug to shoot out of you immediately, forcing you into labor prematurely. We’re all dying to meet the little lady, but let’s not rush things.

  19. I think a little part of me just died.

  20. In other news, ‘Biner and I did a little river recon last night. Unless that water calms down a little bit we might have to skip out on this one. The water level is super high, full of debris, and flowing really, really fast. I’m not afraid to risk my own ass, but I don’t wanna get her killed. It is the Missour river, after all.

    I can’t get the term “mucus plug” outta my head now. Gross.

  21. Faster water = less paddling… This is a good thing.

  22. I hope you guys are training hard for this one; Me and ‘Biner are starting to figure this shit out. We is fast. I might even be willing to put a bit of a wager on this one.

  23. We’re training very hard. And by very hard, I mean Casey has a bulging disc in his back and has been laid up for a month.

    If you’re teaching her with words of wisdom like, “Don’t push the water, pull the canoe” then we’re in trouble. But I’d be happy to make a wager. My money is on Casey and I going into the water 30 yards from the bank.

    As a side bet, I’ll bet that you and ‘Biner have your first real fight during the training for this race or during the race itself.

  24. You should wear your Team Virtus Non-Race shirt and sit in the bow. That way ‘Biner can read Dragons famous words to paddle by during the entire race. It will help her keep focused. I may not be able to physically train much now but I visualize my paddling technique every night for at least 2 hours. I watch Jeremy Rogers evolution of a paddler on you tube, find a quite spot, sit in a praying wombat pose, and then paddle my ass off (in my mind) for the next 120 minutes. My stroke will be as good as any olympic paddler out there. The mind is truly more powerful than the body. I am usually covered with sweat when I am done.

    Plus, I am well enough to start swimming tonight. So if need be, I’ll tie a rope to my waist and swim the whole damn thing, towing Luke and my Yak. Either way we finish in front of you two. I’ll bet you 1 case of the finest Gennessee Cream Ale money can buy. You want some?

  25. Consider it a bet, and please don’t post any pics of yourself doing the praying wombat.

    I say the losing team has to do the next AR race wearing a pink T-shirt that says “Biner and Bob kicked my ass and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.”

  26. OK, you’re on. The loser has to wear a shirt designed by the other team. If it is cotton tney only have to wear it pre (including the whole night before–> dinner, race check in , rules meeting, etc), post race(not during due to lack of performance) and then at next year’s camp opening session (Thunder Rolls). We are talking time of race, not who crosses the finish first right? You guys start like 30 minutes before our division does. I think we still might catch you though. LUke you in on this?

  27. Sounds like a bet to me, as long as we beat Barry.

    That’s right Barry, we’re coming for you too.

  28. I’m down for whatever bet we want to make, but I’ve seen ‘Biner paddle. She wasn’t breakdancing in the front of the boat, so you guys definitely have a chance.

    Barry, Bob is the only one coming for you. You scare the hell out of me, so I would never challenge you to anything other than an eating contest. Even then, you would probably destroy me with your grit and attitude.

  29. I saw Barry eat an order of onion rings and 2 milkshakes over the course of about 30 minutes one time. It was like watching the Rocky Statue crumble and fall. I won’t even mention the chainsaw incident.. 🙂

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