Mid MO Cyclocross – No Really – For Real!

If you live in Mid Missouri, then listen up.  I know we’ve all lamented the fact that we had to drive over an hour (sometimes 2 or more) to get to any Cyclocross races.  While Cross races are always a blast, we’ve all wished that we had some races closer to home.  Well, you don’t have to wish any longer.  Cyclocross has finally come to Mid-MO!!!

Bob's run up at a Cyclocross race

Painfully fun

And you won’t have to wait very long for the Cross races to get to Jefferson City, because the series starts this Thursday… as in TOMORROW!  The good people at Respect the Ride Foundation are putting on a series of Cross races right here at Binder park every Thursday night from October 21st through December 2nd (excluding Thanksgiving on Nov 25th).

Zack CX

And listen to this… It’s only FIVE BUCKS!  Seriously.  You need to be there.  Never done CX before?  Come on out.  Experienced rider?  Come on out.  Elite pro?  You guessed it.  Come on out.  Seriously… We’ve waited a long time to get something like this in Jefferson City, so let’s help grow the sport and biking in general in the Mid-Missouri area.  Check it out!!

About Lukas Lamb

Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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  1. Woo-Hoo!!! Can’t wait…just can’t crash to my right!

  2. What time does it start?

  3. B Group (beginners – Cat 4/5) starts at 5:30, but you must register by 5:20. A Group (Cat 1/2/3) starts at 6:15, but you must register by 6:05. B Group does 4 laps, A group does 5 laps. More info right here: http://respecttheride.org/thursday-night-cx/

    Hope to see you there.


    With a little luck, I can get someone to cover for me at work in the afternoon. I’m crossing my fingers.

  5. …..I am anonymous:)

  6. Wow Luke, I didn’t know you raced cyclocross. How many races have you done?

  7. Oh hell yeah I race Cross. I can’t even remember how many races I’ve done. I was a CX state champ in NY before I moved out here. I was on my way to going pro, but then I got married and had kids, and you know… I guess life got in the way. Maybe I can resurrect my cross career now that we have local races.

  8. Okay, I might have embellished a little bit in my last comment. When I said I was a “state champ” CX racer, what I meant to say was that I’ve done one race… and that was over a year ago… and I didn’t exactly win it… I sort of took last place in the beginner race… and by sort of, I mean I took dead last including the beginner women.

    But that’s why I’m excited about having cross in Jeff City. Clearly I need the practice, and it’s gonna be a blast. Do YOU race cyclocross “Anonymous?”

  9. That last anonymous wasn’t me; I suspect it to be the Anchorman.

    I have to work til 7, so I hope you guys are still out there.

  10. I was anonymous, who’s the anchorman? Luke, you surprised me with that sprint up the last hill, I didn’t think I was going to catch you. Hopefully we’ll have more people show up next week.

    Who’s up for gravel this weekend.

  11. I KNEW you were anonymous. The Anchorman would be my brother Casey in NY. The tale of how he acquired that nickname will come in a future race report.

    Stoney, my sneak attack almost worked out. I almost had you, but you crossed the finish line about a foot ahead of me (I won’t mention that you were on your 5th and final lap while I was only on my 4th lap, because no one ever needs to know that). It was a lot of fun. We’ve got to get more people to come to the next one.

    I’ll be out of town most of the weekend, but I’d be up for some gravel on Sunday perhaps. Keep me in the loop.

  12. I had a blast. You guys did awesome. Who was the guy that took first? He was flying!

  13. I’ll be there next week fer sho. We need to bring the party…like Jim Davis style. I talked to Chinstrap on the phone last night, sounds like he’ll be there next week too and hopefully he can talk Corey into it.

    Stoney, the gravel ride(aka non-race scouting mission) starts today at 2. Call me when you get off work and maybe we can rendezvous somewhere along the road.

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