Do We Need Rogaine? Yes… Yes We Do.

Seriously… We’ve got a problem, and the only solution is rogaine.  No, not the hair-loss treatment.  The only problem with my hair is that it’s all turning gray in a hurry (as you’ll see if you look closely in the photos below).  I’m talking about a race – the 24 Hour Shawnee Extreme Rogaine.

Shawnee Extreme Rogaine Race 2010

“What’s that?” you ask.  “What exactly is a rogaine?”  Well, here is what I wrote in a post from last year:

“There are two stories behind the term rogaine.  I have read that it comes from the first two letters of the names of the three athletes who supposedly invented the sport.  Their names were Rod, Gail, and Neil.  Rogaine is also an acronym. The letters stand for Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance.

A rogaine is an orienteering race usually lasting 12 to 24 hours where each checkpoint has a point value. Teams of two to five can get checkpoints in any order they so choose, and the team with the most points at the end of the race is the winner.  So, strategy plays a huge role in a rogaine race.  Do you try to get all of the low-value checkpoints that are closer and easier to find?  Or do you try to go for the high-value points that are farther away and more difficult to locate?”

Last year, the Brothers Lamb (Casey, Zack, and myself) all met up to do the Sleepy Hollow 12 Hour Rogaine in Ohio.  It was our first rogaine, and it was the first time we had ever officially raced as Team Virtus.  It was a brutally good time, so we decided we needed to do it again.

This year, however, NSF Adventures is offering a 12 hour AND a 24 hour rogaine at the Shawnee Extreme (which has replaced the Sleepy Hollow Rogaine).  So of course we’re doing the 24 hour, and of course we’re in way over our heads yet again.  Zack couldn’t make it this year, but Casey, Bob, Drew, and I are ready to go.  Whatever happens, I know we’ll have a blast in Ohio.

To prepare, Bob and I ventured up to Rock Bridge State Park for some Orienteering practice.


Bob with O-map at Rock Bridge

Bob studies the map and shows his movie-star smile (Seriously, he's a movie star now. He was in "Race Across the Sky" - How cool is that?)

To prepare myself to carry Casey’s pack again (you really need to read last year’s race report), I decided to carry my chubby son Otis on my back, although I still think Casey’s pack was heavier… Seriously, it was.


Carrying Otis as Training for a Rogaine Orienteering Race

Perfect Training for a Rogaine Race

Actually, I pray that Casey doesn’t suffer cramps like he did last year.  We give him a hard time about carrying his pack, but he was a stud to push through the pain.  We were happy (well, not happy but we were willing) to carry his pack, because that’s what a team does.  We pick each other up when we need to.  I know Casey would do the same for me (Seriously, Casey, you have to carry my pack this year).

It was a perfect Fall day for orienteering in Missouri.  We had a blast.  We even had some run-ins with thorns and brush of which there will be plenty in Ohio, I promise.

Bob Bleeding in the Woods

Let's hope this is the worst of our injuries at the Shawnee Extreme Rogaine

At one point, we had to decide if we should cross the creek or backtrack at least a mile to get to the next checkpoint.  Well, we chose to cross the creek, and obviously Bob decided to cross a downed tree, possibly the most difficult option for crossing the creek.


Bob crossing a creek at Rock Bridge State Park

Bob crossing the creek...

Bob almost falling in the creek

Bob almost falling into the creek.

Bob came really close to getting wet, but he somehow managed to save himself.  It was hilarious! He then came up with a new method to cross the creek – the Sit and Scoot.  He used his Beaver Stick to clear the brush as he straddled the log and scooted on his ass.  It worked beautifully.

As tempted as I was to cross the creek here as well, I just couldn’t risk falling in from that height with Ote Boat on my back.  So I took my shoes off, hiked my pants legs up, and crossed the creek barefoot where it was shallower.  The water was cold, but we made it.

We got some good orienteering practice in, and although we weren’t out there setting any speed records, we kept moving most of the time except for a few map-checks and potty breaks.


Bob peeing in the woods

Peekaboo Bob, We see you!

Otis loved being out in the woods… as long as we didn’t stop for too long.  He would get pretty pissed if we stayed in one spot for more than 30 seconds. As long as we kept moving, though, Otis was as happy as can be.  He must have gotten very comfortable back there…


Otis getting drowsy in the backpack


Otis almost asleep in the backpack


Otis asleep in the back pack


I always love getting out there for some orienteering.  I wish there were more orienteering races in mid-Mo.  I know St. Louis and Kansas City have orienteering clubs, but it can be too much to drive 2 hours for an hour-long O-race.  Maybe Team Virtus needs to start a mid-Mo orienteering club… Hmm… Anyone reading this think that’s a good idea?  Anyone?

Anyway, we had a great time, and we’re now ready to dominate the Shawnee Extreme Rogaine this weekend.  Okay, we’re nowhere near ready to dominate the race.  The terrain is ridiculously brutal with crazy elevation gains/losses, and the brush, briars, and thorns are insane. Domination?  Probably not, but we’re ready to have more fun than anyone else.  And that’s what it’s all about.

About Lukas Lamb

Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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  1. There is no way my pack was even half as heavy as your chubby little son. He weighs more than my 2 year old and almost as much as my four year old. I had a Camel back 3/4 full plus 2 water bottles, a rain jacket, a head lamp, and some food. It was heavy on top of your own load but by itself it didn’t weigh any more than your pack. Plus, I carried it most of the day. You and Zack each had a turn carriing it for an hour or two immediately following the cramping.

    You always leave out the part when I almost fully recovered and was fresh and bouncing through the woods at the ends trying to find the last couple of CPs. Plus, I even offered to carry Zacks pack as he was fading near the end (he wouldn’t let me and manned up). Remember that really easy CP that took us forever to find? It was the first one after our only Hash House visit, the one right up the creek from the pond, the one with 25 people looking for it, the one that sent you on a goose chase after the mystery CP (the screaming head). Remember that CP Luke? That sucked. I’ll have to re-read the report from last years race to remember it better.

    There is no way I’ll cramp up this year. I mean, what are the chances of that happening to me 2 years in a row? I am no a statistician but I would imagine that the odds of that happening are less likely than me getting to have a sleep over with Julia Ormond. That’s right, I’ll score with a movie star before I cramp up again. Let’s say luck is on my side and Julia and I are destined to be together and I cramp up again, there is nothing to worry about. 1) You have been training harder with Ote Boat on your back. 2) You have more people to help carry my pack this year. 3) Drew’s tacos and chicken nuggets will provide us with plenty of electrolytes to prevent cramping.

    I am pumped and ready for this race. I haven’t been running as much as I was last year but I am in better shape than I was for the Thunder Rolls (a couple of lbs heavier but in better cardio shape). If you have nothing to do this weekend come out and cheer us on at the Shawnee Extreme where we will be having fun and kick ass (at least our own).

  2. Hey guys, it’s Emily from your favorite CP at Berryman (the raft building one). I am also going to be at Shawnee for the 24hour! Good luck and hope to see you guys!

  3. Casey – first of all, I have no recollection of the CP to which you refer. It must have never happened.

    Secondly, Julia Ormond is an odd pick. She’s definitely beautiful, but I just think it was strange that you want to have a sleep over with her over any other movie star. Besides, now you can have sleepover with Bob since he’s a Race Across the Sky movie star now.

    Thirdly, you have now jinxed yourself by saying there is no way you’ll cramp. So when you cramp, I refuse to carry your pack this time.

    Lastly, I think Drew is bringing frozen fish sticks this time instead of frozen tacos or chicken McNuggets.

  4. Emily – Very cool that you’re going to be there. Are you racing with Mid-Rivers Adventure this time? Or is it a different team? Good luck at the race! We’ll see you there. Can’t wait!

  5. That was a fun day, I can’t wait until Otis gets old enough that I can make fun of him for wearing pink gloves.

    I’m so glad Casey is going to be our lead navigator for this race. Way to step up, man!!

  6. I’ll lead us if that’s what you want. I will be happy to do it. Plus, it reduces the likely hood of us getting lost. But if I am navagating I am the freaking pace center and you bitches better keep up. I am in marathon shape and plan on running at least half of this SOB.

    See you Friday.

  7. Casey, you’re the man……..running marathons, banging movie stars, being the pace center……WTF is a pace center anyway? Sounds hardcore. Well, not really, but whatever. Just don’t f$:)k up breakfast and I won’t kick your ass.

  8. I think I meant pace setter. Somebody came in my office mid entry and I must have had a brain fart. I’ll cook breakfast if you clean up. I’m serious, I’ll cook up some fried potatoes w/ spam and a fancy fritatta with fresh chopped vegetables. Are you committing to do the dishes? Say the word and I’ll not only cook breakfast I’ll bring all the food.

  9. I wouldn’t worry too much boys, he’ll be running until he pulls a hammy during the national anthem at the start of the race.

  10. Yes, racing with Mid-Rivers but with a different team name…MO-O It’s Magic. I wish our team had a pace center.

  11. You guys rock, awesome blog!!

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