Updates: More CX in Mid Missouri, We Survived, New Logo, and Please Like Us

First of all, don’t forget about the Thursday Night Cyclocross race tomorrow night right here in Jefferson City. Bring a light, and come on out to Binder to have a blast. Every week the course is slightly different which only adds to the fun. A free t-shirt goes to the winner, and I just found out that there will be some more prizes (cyclocross tires and more) to give out tomorrow night. So be sure you’re there if you can make it. Get the deets right here.

On another note… We survived the Shawnee Extreme 24 hour Rogaine this past weekend in Ohio.  It was brutally hard, and the thorns and briars were ridiculous.  Bob’s feet and my feet took quite a beating, but we had a lot of fun and got some great nav work in.  We’ll have a report up soon, but here are a couple of photos to whet your appetite:


Shawnee Extreme Rogaine Reentrant

Team Virtus hikes up one of MANY reentrants

Planning our route at the 2010 Shawnee Extreme Rogaine

Drew and Casey "candidly" working on our route


Bob attempts to limbo at the Shawnee Extreme 24 hour Rogaine

Bob was a Limbo National Champ back in high school, but he's clearly out of practice.


Be sure to check back in with us for the full race report.

Also… Our new team logo is almost done.  Our kick-ass designer is putting the final touches on it as we speak!  I think it’s gonna be really cool.  She’s done an amazing job already, and I can’t wait to see the final masterpiece.  Be sure to check her out for any kind of design/website project: Dreaming Tree Creative.

Last, but not least, I’d like to invite (beg) you to like us on facebook.  We are very insecure, and we need some reassurance that we are liked.  Okay, that’s not exactly true, but it is a great way to keep track of us.  Plus it will really help us attract some sponsors to help us out next year.  So, check us out on facebook and please LIKE US.  And if you could spread the word about our blog and facebook page, we would be forever grateful!

That’s it for now.  Ta Ta and Peace Out!


About Lukas Lamb

Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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