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  1. Two words: totally freaking awesome.

  2. Kelly Sumner - Off Road Fixation

    Sweet. I WAS thinking of getting a tattoo.

  3. Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am. Not only with the logo, but as Mindy said your way with words. I am thinking about a tattoo also..Maybe not this one though….I would have to show you if it was on my butt cheek…LOL..I think your logo is 1) Draws your eye to it, and 2) you can feel the words….You all did a GREAT job!!!! Later in life are you going to be an author? You can really tell a story well…

  4. Thanks everyone! Kelly, if you get a tattoo I want photos for the blog. Janice, no offense, but since we’re family, a photo of yours would be too creepy.

  5. Luke, you’re the only one related to her. I think you should post the picture and just not look at it. If somebody is that big of a fan of Team Virtus, I think we need to applaud them and give them props right here on the team sight. Are we all getting team tats for the next race? I have always wanted one, maybe now is the time to pull the string. ‘ll seriously think about it. Anybody else in? I know Bob will be (at least after he is all loco’ed up). Anybody? Luke? Drew? Darin? Zack?

    I stil would have liked to see sombody with professional computer programs and training rework my design a bit just to see how it would look. I assure you that it looked way better in my dream. I just lacked the computer programs to make it happen and look like it did in my dream. It was way cooler.

  6. If you see my dreamed created logo did you notice that the paddle and cliff form a “T” going down to the “V” at the bottom, almost like a compass needle. It was what led to my hair style for the PTD Canoe/Kayak Race. Plus the logo incorporated all aspects of adventure racing – mountain biking (tire), orienteering (degrees inside of tire), kayak/canoeing (paddle), rock climbing and rappelling. If another team out there with the initials T and V would like to use this logo feel free to do so. As creator of the logo I release it to you for your use and enjoyment.

    Some things from my dream made it into the final logo…the bold red and black color. So I guess I can take the credit for designing the team logo after all (or at least part of it). Maybe I shouldn’t eat a TBC (Triple Meatball with Cheese), ran through the garden, hot and heavy, with a sausage link and a bag of crushed BBQ Chips to top it off right before bed.

    I miss Hot Truck. Maybe they’ll sponsor us and can provide pre/post-race food and even a smaller version for the trail. How good would that have tasted around 4:30 am in our last race? If you ever make it our for a visit, we have to make a road trip one night to get one and hit him up for a sponsorship.

  7. Yeah, I got all of your logo. I got it all the first time when you explained it in the original email you sent along with your logo. Quit trying to sell it. We’ve already decided on our official logo. Besides, it doesn’t incorporate all aspects of adventure racing. Where is the Noodle Raft/S.S. Husky?

    And yes, I miss Hot Truck too. For those that don’t know, it was a truck that sold the BEST hot sandwiches outside my dorm at my first (of 3) schools – also Casey’s alma mater from which he graduated. That would be the best sponsorship ever. Unfortunately, the original owner/founder, “Hot Truck Bob” passed away a year or two ago. I have no doubt that he’s in heaven for his contributions of amazing sandwiches. Mmm… To have a Full Sui, Hot N’ Heavy, G&G, with crushed BBQ chips right now, I would do almost anything.

  8. The logo is perfect! Strength and Honor!

  9. What? I didn’t know Bob died. He was a great guy and made a phenominal sanwich and provided great conversation and customer service. I knew he sold the truck and last time I had Hot Truck it was just as good (a little different w/o Bob). I looked at the link to his sandwiches and realized I ate over half of them multiple times. I usually got “G n G” too not just running ot through the garden. I guess it’s been too long and I’m forgetting my Hot Truck Verbage. Were you with me when I order a W.T.F. and got an enormous full loaf sandwich that probably weighed 2.5 pounds and had just about everything on it? It was awesome. I am serious about th eroad trip to get one. I hope to catch a wretsling match or two this year (Cornell is ranked #1 in the country) and will have to get me some Hot Truck afterwards. I’ll take a picture and post it when it happens. Ummmmm…

  10. When I make it to NY, we’re definitely heading to Hot Truck. I don’t care if we make it to a wrestling match or not. Cornell’s coach is a bag full of douche, and I blame him for the end of my wrestling career. If I have to sit through a match to get Hot Truck, then so be it. I would just be cheering for the other team. Damn, I want some Hot Truck now!

  11. Really super logo, Team Virtus! You are going to rock in your new jerseys next year! It takes quite a talent to pull a logo together when the client doesn’t know what they want, but they will know it when they see it. Dreaming Tree Creative seems to have quite a knack for listening and creating. If you get some of those temporary tatoos made count me in, sorry nothing longer than a volunteer week-end. Maybe you can start a trend like the Ironman tatoos on the calf.

  12. Thanks Susy! Mindy at Dreaming Tree Creative was seriously amazing. We couldn’t have been happier. Temporary tattoos are a great idea! I’ll have to look into getting that done.

  13. Love the logo and, especially, hearing about the process of developing it. Just so you know, I didn’t peek ahead. Reading backwards through your blog, I liked your gear recommendations…they’ll be very helpful in developing my Christmas list.

  14. Hi Kate! Thanks for posting. We love it when people post comments on our blog. I’d say you are one of the few people that didn’t peek ahead, so kudos to you! Glad you like it as well as the gear recommendations. Take care!

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