Christmas = equipment

I am a little closer to having some “gear” for my first adventure race.  Just need the ankle better and some training time and I think I will be set.



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  1. I’m loving me some Christmas goodies. Once you have a hobby, it’s like being a kid at Christmas all over again. I got a mountain bike, a sweet jacket, and a book on orienteering (bc, I guess, my brother wants someone to share the blame when we’re completely lost). Now I just have to get out and actually use them. 🙂

    And merry Christmas to you all!

  2. Awesome light. Got myself one prior to the Castlewood race. Great light!

  3. Nice, Robby! I love that light. Can’t wait until your ankle heals up and we can get out there together.

    I got a Garmin 305 GPS watch! It will help keep me movitated to train. Also got a gift certificate to Red Wheel Bike Shop! Woo Hoo!

  4. Oh yeah? I got the new Kid Rock cd. In yo face!

  5. I’ve also got a headlamp for night-time trail running now. Although it’s a cheaper one since I had to buy it for myself. Apparently, Santa didn’t think I was that good of a boy this year.

    Anyway, when is the Team Virtus adventure non-race?

    • The non-race will probably happen in March, but it’s still up in the air. We might try to put on a shorter, Orienteering course for practice and fun sometime in January or February, though. We’ll keep you posted.

      I’m also planning on doing more trail runs, so if you want to join us for some of those, let us know.

  6. Luke, can we use that Garmin to plot points/ set coordinates?

    • I’m not sure yet. I’m still playing with it. I know that it tells me I’m in pathetic shape right now. But it will be cool to track my progress with it.

      • If it is anything like my Forerunner 405 it will download your route to you PC and you can look at google maps and see where you went

  7. I’ve had the Forerunner 305 for about a year. There is a feature that lets you mark locations using latitude/longitude coordinates. I haven’t used that feature, but I do use the feature that allows you to program a course and mark points.

    • After playing with it some more, I figured out how to do the latitude and longitude thing. I was hoping it could do UTM coordinates, but I don’t think it does. I’m sure we can use this in conjunction with my handheld, really old garmin legend gps.

  8. Luke, you are gonna love that 305. Jim bought me one last year, it does help me stay accountable. Just try to get in the routine of recharging it after use. It sucks to head out on a ride/run and you see empty battery. Its also great to use in races so you can see where you are at in mileage. I also like the feature that you can race yourself. Hope all Team Virtusites had a Merry Christmas. Stoney, maybe Santa had a hard time catching up with you since you have gotten so fast this year. Just a thought… Finally, will you fellas be adding any female teammates this year?or is this just a boys club?

    • I’ve been wanting to get out and run or bike every day since I got the 305. I love it so far. Good tip on the recharging. It must suck when it dies halfway through a training session.

      And we’d love to add some females to the team. We would gladly do so if any of them could keep up with us. Now before you drop-kick me in the face, let me clarify… By “if any of them could keep up with us” what I really mean is “if they don’t mind going slowly or putting up with our bad jokes, smelly farts, and unbelievably good looks.” If you know of any such females please send them our way.

      • Ooh, I know one! Lol. In the latter sense, anyway. It would be just like my brothers…with more facial hair.

        • Kate, we’ve wanted to race with a female for a long time now. We’ve really wanted to dominate the back of the pack in the Elite (coed) division instead of just owning the back of the pack in the all-male division. Let us know when and where, and we’ll make it happen!

          • I would love to join you guys on occasion. I think I have some gear to accumulate before I can sign up for anything. Hopefully I can make it to your non-race and then you can decide if you want to rescind that offer or figure out a where/when. 🙂

  9. A friend of mine just passed on a website you guys might find helpful.

    A mix of people selling their gear and stores selling closeouts or new items that were returned and so can’t be sold as new. I have no personal experience, though I just ordered a pack for over 50% off retail. My friend has used the site and been happy with it.

    • Sweet! Thanks for the link. I’ve never seen that site before, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for some deals. It looks very promising.

      On another note, between all of us on Team Virtus, I’m sure we have enough gear if you need to borrow some… especially for our non-race. That way you can try some of it out before buying. Just a thought.

      • Cool. That would probably be good since I’m not sure exactly what I’d need anyway. Looking at the Bonk Hard gear lists, I don’t think I have much left other than the waterproof pants as long as I’m not doing a winter race. So maybe by next winter I’ll have accrued that stuff, too. Timing-wise, Smithville and Wakarusa look best for me of Bonk Hard races. There’s a local adventure race here (GOOMNA) on June 18.!/group.php?gid=82249576074&v=wall

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