A Familiar Chill

It doesn’t seem so long ago when I was scouring the internet in search of something a little more challenging. I’d done a few bike races here and there, but there was this nagging itch to do something more… something that maybe I wasn’t capable of.  I wanted to test myself.

A Google search found me looking at something called the “Bonk Hard Chill“. 20-35 miles of mountain biking, 8-15 miles of trekking and 5-10 miles in a canoe while looking for checkpoints with a map and compass. The required gear list included a flare gun… a FLARE GUN!!!

Hmm… too bad I couldn’t read a map and had never run for more than 2 miles… or been sober in a canoe. Add to that, I knew absolutely no one who was willing to partner up.

So I turned to my teammates at Team Red Wheel and posted this. There were no takers from the actual “team”, but if you scroll to the 7th comment you’ll bear witness to the birth of what would later evolve into Team Virtus. It was like peanut butter and jelly coming together for the first time. I think it benefited our training that we were strangers at the time and were both terrified of being the team anchor. These were the days before armonkey, so we started our own accountability log on TRW.

Of course, this is all history leading to a story that’s already been told. I ‘spose my true point is that Luke and I will see you next weekend at the 2011 Bonk Hard Chill. We are heavily unprepared and I am personally about 40 pounds fatter than when we did the race last time. (I’ve got a better bike tho)

Maybe you want to go and don’t have a partner? Maybe you do have a partner but you’re scared shitless of being lost in the woods? Need to borrow some gear?  Post your thoughts in the comments section and see if there’s someone else who wants to “Chill”. You never know, you might just find yourself surrounded by a new group of friends.

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  1. Not this one, but someday I’ll be out there. And yeah, the partner thing is a pain since my Berryman partner lives 7 hours from me and doesn’t want to (ok, can’t) travel down here on a regular basis. Lousy priorities, if you ask me, but for some reason he wants to keep his job. Whatever. All of this to say, basically, good luck and don’t take too long to post your race report bc I’ll be living vicariously through you guys for a little longer.

    • Thanks, Kate. We need to find you a partner that is closer to you… Or you could race with us!

      • I’d be up for that…be nice to officially meet some of you at Castlewood. I’ll be the one who has to jump off her bike to line up for the race bc I’m double booked that day…at least they’re both @ the same place.

  2. Yes….. I am volunteering and will see ya guys there

  3. This was the event a few years ago that got us hooked on Adventure Racing after our first race ever. I am really looking forward to revisiting the area. See you there.

  4. A great chuckle again…you guys never fail to make me smile. It appears the weather God must be shining on the “Chill” again. Two years ago we volunteered at the Bonk Hard Chill to see what the heck adventure racing was all about. It was a crazy, fanatical bunch of people that were pushing themselves way past any ordinary limits while maintaining connections to a team. The mental and physical stress were so obvious and to witness all of the teams pushing through all the barriers was the Wide(Wild) World of Sports in person. Witnessing such human effort had me hooked. Team Virtus give me a chance to watch it all over again, sometimes in person, sometimes through your reports. Thanks for posting your reports!

    PS Looking forward to seeing your team photo in the new jerseys.

    • You always have a way of making me feel way better about myself and our team. Thanks!

      Unfortunately, we won’t have our jerseys ready for the Chill. Hopefully they’ll be ready for the High Profile Camp and the Lightning Strikes race in April.

  5. Yo!!! JEERRRRKKKKZZZZZZZZ!!! See Ya there…

    TTM is in and breaking in a new teammate! Make sure to slap us on the ass as you pass us!

  6. I’m smackin’ you on the ass regardless, Jimbo. Looking forward to a cold beer or 12 with you afterwards:)

  7. I remember Drew and Luke’s first ‘Chill. Becca and I went out the night before and got wasted. The next day we drove up to the lake and waited around for about an hour before deciding it was way too cold for us to hang out. So we went to the bar and kept warm. Good times!

  8. Man I had kinda just pushed this race out of my mind and wasn’t really missing the fact that I was not racing. But now I remember how much fun it has been in the past and wish that I was racing it. I even scheduled it and have the weekend off. I hope you guys have great weather and finish strong.

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement! That’s a bummer you’re not doing this race, man. What will be your first AR of the year?

      • I plan on coming up for the Team Virtus Non-Race, so I guess that will be my first race or non-race. Looking at doing the Truman Lake Adventure race, if I can find a partner. Are you guys doing it? I don’t know about after that, maybe a mtn bike race or two.

  9. Go get em!!!

  10. Good luck and good health. I am sure you’ll both be heathy becuase I am not there to jinx either of you. Plus, you needed worry about any flat tires. Good luck, have a great race,have fun, and be safe.

  11. Good luck boys. Knock ’em dead. The AR gods must be smiling down to give you such great racing weather.

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