The Deuce is Crowning……and we’ve got schwag!!!

Update: Your shoes might get wet!  Plan accordingly… as in bring extra socks or shoes or a helicopter.

Damn straight, there’ll be schwag!! I can’t believe you doubted us!!

I present to you.....The Deuce spoke card!!!! All entrants and volunteers will receive this glorious photo of Luke's side-cheek.

Redwheel Bike Shop and the Brick House Deli are gonna give everyone something to smile about on raceday. Plans are not yet finalized, but there will be AT LEAST $60 worth of free cash or gift certificates strewn throughout the course on raceday. On top of that, we’ll have “provisions” at one of the cp’s…

A tribute to my Columbine heroes

…and plenty of piping hot baked potatoes and cold beers at the finish line. And don’t you worry… we won’t run out of butter.

…Not to mention the prizes we’re gonna give away at the finish. And we’re not talking about some lame-ass water bottles. We’re giving away things you’ll actually be happy to receive. At the rate we’re going now, everyone should at least get something, aside from a kickass FREE race. I’m not going to tell you what all the prizes are right now, because that would defeat the purpose of a non-race.

So just to summarize: The non-race is free of charge, we’re not even going to charge you for the maps anymore. We’re giving away a bunch of  free shit, there will be “provisions” available on the course, baked potatoes at the finish, and winners, (and non-winners alike) will receive prizes after the non-race. I’ll even let you take a shower and change clothes at my place afterwards. What possible reason could you have NOT to show up? (Other than Barry and Brandon, who have legit excuses)

Seriously, we’re working SO HARD to make this the best non-adventure race you’ve ever done!!  The course is specifically set up to appeal to the beginner and the expert, noone will be left out. A lot of time and effort, (not to mention money),  has gone into making this the best non-race possible. Not showing up to this event is worse than pissing on the american flag. My mom is volunteering, for crying out loud. Even if you cant do the whole race, just come out and show your support for local, free racing!!

You will be challenged!! You will have fun!!! You will eat a hot-dog

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Crusher of beers.

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  1. And you just keep rubbing it in…. Dontcha

  2. I’d like it to be known that I did not design the spoke card. An image of me was used against my will, and I might end up suing Team Virtus.

  3. Technically Robby designed it. I just gave him the images..

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