The Augusta, err….Treloar trip

On friday morning, Adam and I met at the crack of 9am to test our mettle against the forces of nature. Thunderstorms and rain were predicted for the entire weekend, but what else is new. The plan was to ride the MKT from North Jefferson to Augusta, drink a couple gallons of beer and camp. The next day, we’d get up and ride back to Washington to catch a train home. It was gonna be awesome, as long as we didn’t die in a freak hail-storm.

Mr Laffoon strikes his best "hero pose" as he stares off into destiny....or something.

  The trail was mushy from all the rain, but it’s not like you have to worry about tearing up the Katy Trail.  We were just excited to be outside doing something, and it seemed like we had only just begun when we rolled into Tebbetts.

I’ve ridden past this shelter several times, but never checked it out. Adam and I did a little investigating and found out that it’s open to anyone for only $5 per night. There are bunkbeds inside, along with a bathroom and refrigerator. Very cool stuff, and it’s good to know places like this still exist and aren’t completely vandalized.

Right across the street from the shelter is this fine establishment:

Well, I guess if I can’t bring my own soda, beer or “whisky” in the store, I’ll just go somewhere else. Seriously tho, if you were staying in the shelter, this would be a perfect place to grab some hot-dogs or something for the bbq grill. Hopefully, they’ll be open next time we roll through.

Back on the bikes and and moving westward, Mokane was our next stop. Anytime we’re in Mokane, it’s a rule that we have to stop at this place and get a sandwich.  It’s just one of those cool little stores that’s been around for a long time, and has never been re-furnished.. When you walk inside, you get a sense of history. Order a roast-beef sammitch with pepperjack on wheat. (No onions) It’s pure awesome.

Everyone in the store seemed  quite surprised we hadn’t been injured in “the hail-storm that came through town 5 minutes ago.”  We would’ve hung out longer to talk about the weather, but I had just bombed the restroom and we needed to get out of there fast.

Back on the bikes, the humidity was really starting to kick some ass. We took a few bridge photos, but the lens was foggy.

I’ve never been on the Katy after or during a hard-rain before, so I’d never gotten to see how much runoff passes along  and/or underneath the trail. At one of the bridges, we stopped to get a few shots of the fast-moving water. It was very cool.

10 feet off the trail-pic does NO justice

This shot was from the same spot, just looking the other way.

I believe the next town we rolled through was Portland. I just barely missed getting the “Administration photo”, but you can see how happy Adam is after re-applying  Chamois Butter. That stuff really does work wonders.


The weather was deteriorating rapidly, as is evident from this photo. This was taken in nearly the exact same spot 5 minutes later.

Well.....that happened quick


I believe we’ve mentioned the “Really Big Rock’ on the blog before, but Adam had never seen it. There was a goose nesting on top of it, which was amusing.

I'm always impressed with the size of this thing

By now, we were both pretty hungry. Rhineland was only a few miles away, so I wasn’t too worried about it…til Adam got a flat. It was one of those “ghost-flats” that you patch 3-4 more times until it finally holds air. Very frustrating. I mean, what kind of asshole gets a flat tire during a training ride anyway?

Adam was immediately fired from the team for slowing me down. Jerk

After we got the flat tire squared away, we made a quick telephone call to the microbrewery in Augusta to check on their hours. They were open til 9, so if we had any chance of getting there before they closed, we were going to have to quit dicking around. We decided to ramp up the pace, pushing past Rhineland to fuel up in Hermann instead.

Then I bonked and pretty much ruined everything. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention to my calorie intake and I ran out of gas. In my defense, I was pulling a bob-trailer on the wet Katy let’s try to keep the ribbing to a minimum.

The Hermann gas station made money that day. I did my best to breathe while eating  3 blueberry donuts, 2 cinnamon-sugar pop tarts, a Jack link’s jerky stick, Monster drink and a bag of cheddar pretzel Combos. Oh, the glory.

Back to the trail we rode, and it didn’t take long to find more shitty weather and more cool stuff to take pictures of:

Just think how awesome this looked in real life.

I bet I’ve been on the Katy trail a hundred times and had no idea that it was home to so many beautiful waterfalls:

Believe it or not, this is one of the smaller ones. There are lots of purple and yellow flowers that dont seem to show up in the photos

The man-train was back up to speed now, but it was clear we’d be cutting this ride short if we wanted to play it safe. The thunder and lightning wasn’t really on top of us, but  it would be soon and the rain was really starting to come down. As luck would have it, we saw a small shelter next to the road, and decided to hide underneath for a bit.

Adam was fired from the team again for vulgar hand expressions

The rain started to die down a bit, so we loaded up and hit the trail once more. As we crossed through a small town called Treloar, we could see a small building with a neon sign in the window. Beer and hot-wings were only a short distance away, but we decided to push through to the next town. It would only be a few more miles and we figured we could outrun the storm.


I’d say we were about a 1,000 yards past Treloar when a bolt of lightning struck in the field right in front of us. That was all the convincing we needed to turn our asses around and go back to Treloar. There was a bar called Murph’s Place, or something like that. The menu revealed $1.50 draught beers, hot wings, cheeseburgers and more. It was time to get down to business.

After inhaling several beers, we took turns changing into dry clothes and ordered some food. The final pic of the evening was just as the sun was starting to set and ANOTHER storm was moving in:

I think we met every person in Treloar that night, and they were all very cool people. The cheeseburgers in that place were phenomenal, and the hotwings were pretty badass as well. Adam couldn’t finish his cheeseburger, so he was once again fired from the team. Leave no trace, Adam. Leave no trace. Adam would later violate the no-trace ethic once more, but that’s later in the story.

The fine folks of Treloar spent the evening buying us shots, draught beer and teaching us how to find morel mushrooms. There are some really nice people in that town. I don’t know how late it was when we finally left there, but I know we were both shit-hammered. We bade farewell to our new friends and got back on the trail. We found a suitable place to make camp and set-up the hammocks for the evening.

I know I slept well, but judging  from the pile of vomit on the ground the next morning, I’d say Adam had a rough night.

Fired again.

The only hitch we ran into during the night was that we had unknowingly camped reeeally close to the highway. We were basically forced to wake up early the next morning when people were roaring by on their way to work. At least we didn’t get pelted with empty beer-bottles.


And so it was with wet clothes and pounding headaches that we re-mounted our trusty steeds and pedaled about 16 miles back to Hermann. I think we were both ready to be done with riding in the rain on a mushy Katy-trail, and we were definitely ready for some dry clothes. The miles ticked by slowly, and we eventually cruised into Hermann. from there, we made a bee-line for “Wings-a-Blazin” for some more  hotwings and microbrewed beer. It was the perfect finale for a really great ride.

We had an epic weekend and we’ll be doing it again, (weather permitting), on the weekend of May 21st. Make plans to be there so we don’t have to drink alone with this guy again.

Don't mind me, just drinkin' whiskey with Arminius

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  1. I am totally amazed at the amount of shit food you two inhaled. You should both be fired. All kidding aside, I am glad you learned something and lived thru it.

  2. The word jealous does not even describe how I feel. I missed a totally amazing trip, but I had a good reason to miss it. And we’re definitely going the weekend of the 21st… I’ll have none of this “weather permitting” B.S.

    And I REALLY hope that Adams semi-digested burger and wings made it all the way out of my hammock. And how in the hell did you happen to miss a major highway right next to your campsite?!? Hilarious.

    Nice work, fellas. It looks like a great trip. I can’t wait to do it with you guys soon… That is, IF we allow Adam to rejoin the team.

  3. Did the pictures show that you’re the only one hauling gear, Bob? Good job documenting that so that you can make Adam pay for it later.

    When I did the Katy ride last year, part of the ride was rerouted because of flooding. I think the phrase “WOW, the river’s really up” or some form of that was probably said 29,000 times in that week (conservatively). And I have a picture of myself in front of that very same big rock.

    What a great trip. And the awful weather makes the story that much better. Hopefully your May trip will be just as epic though perhaps without the hail.

    • I should probably come clean about hauling the gear….Adam pulled the trailer for about an hour.

      There, I said it.

      • Bob, no one would have ever known that if you didn’t say anything. But still… One hour out of 10+ hours? Really? If he wasn’t already fired from the team, I would fire him again.

        Kate, you should bring the hubby and/or your boys and do the ride with us. It’s not like you’re always crazy busy or anything.

        • Isn’t her marathon going on today?

          I’ve got some ideas on how to keep from pulling the trailer next time. You can bet they don’t involve saving weight by using emergency blankets instead of sleeping bags. Man, that was stupid.

          • I believe her marathon is tomorrow, but I’m not positive.

            And did you really only use an emergency blanket to sleep in? Wow. Can’t wait to hear you ideas for the next trip.

            • My marathon is tomorrow. I’d love to drag my family along, but I’ve got a race that Sunday at Castlewood. You really should consult my schedule before making plans. 🙂 Hmmm…where would you be camping…if you go in the right direction, I might be closer than from home. You may get me and a kid or two and then Jeff can meet us so I have a vehicle to get me to CW.

        • OK, I lied. It turns out we’re not free Saturday, (just to prove your point about my schedule). Oh, well, I don’t have a fancy hammock tent to sleep in, either.

          • You wouldn’t need a hammock. Besides, Adam broke mine (Adam, you’re fired from the team… Again!). We’re thinking about driving down some gear the day before, so we (me and Bob since Adam refuses to pull the trailer) don’t have to pull a trailer.

            We’re probably going to camp somewhere past Treloar or Augusta along the Katy Trail somewhere on Sat, May 21st.

            • I can NOT WAIT to do this ride again….without that trailer.

              I wonder if anyone from the STL would be interested in doing a similar ride, meeting us in Augusta for some homebrew/camping?

  4. Yep, we figured it wouldn’t be that cold. We were wrong.

    I thought the emergency blanket would be much larger than it actually was. I can only guess that if we each had 2 we would have been warmer. One for the legs and one for the upper body. I guess hind-sight is always 20/20.

  5. Okay let’s set the record straight. Bob pulled the trailer and I carried my backpack but what he didn’t tell you is that I offered to pull the trailer about a hundred times and when I was pulling it, I still had my pack on but he wouldn’t take a photo of that.

    • Clearly you’re going to need to bring your own camera. 🙂

    • Who gave Adam posting privileges? Adam, we’ve been over this: You’re fired from the team.

      I was wearing my pack while pulling the trailer, so you’re fired again for not offering to carry it.

  6. Too bad you guys want to sleep. What better practice for DK than to ride to St. Charles from Jeff City, and then do this

    Heck, you could even camp inAugusta. Rider meeting isn’t til 11:30. You could just do a 30-mile warmup. 🙂

  7. Ride 104 miles to do a 6 hour endurance race, then ride 104 miles home…I wonder how many times we’d have to stop and pee blood?

    • If you rode there, I’d take you home. But not after the 6 hour. Maybe after the 3 hour. I mean, I have to work the next day. 🙂

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