It’s Bob Jenkins Birthday today!

Bob Jenkins is another year older and another year wiser today.  Wish him a very Happy Birthday.  “May the beer be cold, and damn your gettin old!”

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  1. Happy Birthday, old man!

  2. Happy Birthday, Bob! Don’t listen to the “old man” stuff!

  3. Ha, I remember when I fit on those clothes :-). I think I’m just gonna relax today and hope that someone will work for me this weekend so we can all do the Donut.

  4. You love Bob? Have you ever given him a heart shaped box of chocolates to show your love? I have.

    Happy birthday Bob. See you at the Lionheart, I’ll be in shape by then.

  5. Happy birthday! Hope you get covered at work.

  6. I think I still have that box of chocolates somewhere..

    I woke up this morning in my own bed and I remember most of yesterday. I think I’ve forgotten how to party.

    Big news: My parents bought me a chainsaw. I’m gonna be clearing the Edgewood trail on my next day off!!

  7. Lets go cut some S**T up!

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