Tall Oak Challenge

Hopefully this is old news for most people, but my man Nick Smith is putting on the Annual Tall Oak Challenge this weekend. Details are listed below, but can also be found at www.teamredwheel.com. Ride your bike and eat a pork steak or twelve…. I know I will.

Race start at 10:00
Solo Male $40 entry, Cash payout to top 3 finishers
Solo Female $40 entry, Cash payout to top 3 finishers
Duo Team (open class) $30 per rider, Cash payout to top 3 teams
Triple Team (three riders) $20 per rider, Prizes to top 3 teams. this is a “just for fun” class.

From Jefferson City, take US50 West to Apache Flats exit.
Turn right on Rainbow Dr., follow to “T”, turn left, then take first right after crossing the lake. Follow road to parking across from bait shop.
Follow Arrows.

Google Maps Directions

Tight, twisty 7 mile loop through woods of Binder Park.
Great SS Course!

binder course map




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  1. Ok, not sure why the Tall Oaks logo isn’t showing up?? Kinda pissing me off..

  2. Close enough for me. You oughta come on out for that one, Kate. It’s a very low-pressure race, after the first lap you never even know what position you’re in.

    Lunch is on us.

  3. It’s pretty tempting, actually, even with the 2 hour drive to get there. Six hours, though…

  4. I don’t think we’d have any trouble finding one or two teammates for you.

    Free smoked ribs and pork steaks….heck, we might even pay your way in

  5. If my way was paid I’m darn near sold. I might even being cookies. 🙂

  6. My mom is going to be spectating, so there may just be a cookie showdown.

    guys, on second thought I might just eat and watch you ride

  7. Is there a big market for teammates with low expectations? Because that’s what mine would need. 🙂 (for the riding. My cookies kick ass)

    • Kate, I hope there is a market for low expectations otherwise you and I could team up then.Because who ever gets stuck with me should and will have to lower theirs for sure. Plus If you make it I have an extra Team Virtus sticker that has your name on it! And who doesn’t love stickers?

      • Luke forgot to give me the sticker you sent to PA for me. I guess he is keepoing it for himself. What a jerk.

        Adam – feel free to us my ride since it is sitting in Luke’s garrage. Treat her well and she won’t let you down. Be warned though, once you go 29er you never go back.

      • Of course I want a Team Virtus sticker! The only other TV thing I have is a spoke card with a picture of Luke on the toilet.

  8. I can help you with both of those. There’s a group based out of Jeff City you might get along with. Here’s a link to their website: http://www.team-virtus.com

    That just happened.

  9. Hey…I think I’ve heard of those guys…weren’t they featured on some gay website?

  10. Mr. Outdoors Himself

    For the record, only the best looking Virtus team members were featured on that site–> Green Shirt, Bare Ass, and Mr. Outdoors Himself…Double Woof. We can’t help it if all humans (male, female, young, or old) find us attractive. It is a blessing and a curse, but one that we have had to shoulder our whole life and one that we will carry with us to the grave.

    • I had to go back and reread that post just to confirm who Mr. Assumed Name Himself actually was. And now I’m laughing all over again…and that much less excited about the canoeing leg at Berryman. The good news is that my brother is more likely to gouge out his eyes than take a picture of me changing.

      • The picture in that post was taken by a professional photographer that was covering the race and was posted on his company’s webpage under the LSAR 2010 photographs.

        So I guess the good news is you can order an 8×10 of that picture to put on your wall (hell, we’d even autograph it for you). The bad news is you have to watch out for cameras other thatn your brother’s at the Berryman.

  11. Dude…I gotta pay attention to dates on things! I thought this was goin on next weekend!

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