Good Luck, WTFAR!!

I’m sure everyone remembers our good friends from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Adventure Racing, right? Well, after getting a healthy taste of AR at the 2011 Lightning Strikes, these chiseled young men are stepping up their game. This weekend they’ll be attempting “The Thunder Rolls” AR, put on by Gerry Voelliger, (aka the Master of Pain). Let’s try to show a bit of support, because they surely cannot comprehend the misery that awaits them. I know we didn’t.

WTFAR immediately following their glorious finish at Lightning Strikes

All you have to do is “like” the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Facebook Page to get newsfeed updates during the race. You can also follow them on twitter for pre-race and post-race updates. (I predict a river of blood and tears). Gerry Voelliger, (T.R. Mastermind), will also be doing live race updates from the webpage.

Good Luck to all our friends who made the smart choice to do the Thunder Rolls AR this year instead of some other shitty race in Pennsylvania that Luke is writing a race report about as we speak. You lucky, lucky jerks

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  1. Good luck with 3 in a banana canoe again. Hopefully, you’ll totally redeem yourselves and keep in your canoe the whole paddle leg of the race. But, if you don’t the Rock River is much warmer than the Raging Mississippi.

    I’ll bet you a beer that they keep up right the whole time. They have gotten all that stuff out of their system now. You can always have the middle person assume “the position” and not paddle to reduce instability (like we did – it sucked).

    Hey good luck guys, have a great race and enjoy the experience. We’ll definitely make the race next year. Tell Gerry Team Virtus sends our regrets. Kick some ass W.T.F.

  2. Good luck, men… And Todd (because he’s a stupid Packers fan). Have a blast, and stay dry. And just know that you don’t have to carry around an anchorman in your boat like we did last year.

  3. I can’t wait to drown you fuckers.

  4. We all plan on farting on you yellow canoe. Chew on that for awhile.

  5. I’ll give you one last pearl of wisdon…You must leave Betty White at home. No matter how much she begs you, leave her at home or the yellow banana boat you’re in will be the least of your problems.

    Good luck and bring home the gold at all costs.

    • You can bring Bretty White with you just in case your teammate and/or brother refuses to step up and take the stern of the boat when you are ill. Betty is allowed to come out after you’ve asked him to take the stern 10 times and he still refuses because he’s afraid he’ll be the one to tip the canoe… Again. But other than that, you should not allow Betty White to come out.

      • I misunderstood you as we climbed into the canoe. Plus, Bob clearly tipped the canoe at LSAR 2010, and you were the first one in (and only on not to go completely under).

        • What is this nonsense? Everyone knows Casey flipped the boat. On top of that, we can deduce that Luke hit the water first, since I actually saw Casey going in while I was still dry.

          That water was so cold. I’m Laffooning right now just thinking about it.

  6. And all the while, I sit awkwardly in the bow trying to make small talk.

    We’re doing the Thunder Rolls in 2012 no matter what.

  7. I agree, we have to do TTR 2012 for sure. One thing we learned from TTR 2010 was to communicate better, which we did at the Lionheart 2011.

  8. Gerry just posted that the WTF boys have finished the Thunder Rolls. Strong work, fellas!!!

  9. Ok, this is probably WAY too late, but thanks for the pre-race support fellas. We really appreciated it. I’m now going to need your help convincing the boys that TTR 2012 should be a 24 hr race for WTFAR…and we still need to plan a WTFAR/VIRTUS 2012 trip or race or team karate practice in Luke’s garage. Something like that.

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