Who ya gonna call?……Bob’s mom!!!!

Heading out on a 13 hour drive is a pretty big deal. Upon our departure from the Capital city, The Virtus Van was rolling 3-deep on our way to the Lionheart Adventure race in beautiful Ohiopyle, PA.  Hoe-lee schnikeys.

Preparing for this 24 hour trial by fire found us logging countless hours on foot, saddle and canoe. We were as ready as we’ve ever been,  and I think I speak for the entire squad when I say a reunion with our favorite New-Yorker was long overdue. But the question remained… how would we fuel ourselves for such a cross-country endeavour?

The answer was simple, we needed to call my mom.

When mom heard of our upcoming road trip, she asked if she could “bake the guys some cookies or something“.  Of course I agreed to the cookies, but we never could have expected the bounty that would be bestowed upon us. The day before we left, she handed me two heavy bags, saying ” I got a few other things you guys might need.” 

Mom has really strong biceps


My mom doesn’t screw around, we could’ve picked up half a dozen hitch-hikers and still had enough food for a round-trip venture to Pennsylvania. Look at all that stuff!!

Ya kinda have to wonder how much money she spent.

There was stuff in those bags we thought we’d never need, but by the end of the trip we had gone through about 80% of it. Who would have thought we were gonna need an extra pair of flip-flops or a bottle of antacid? I guess mom did:) Of course, this all in addition to a giant tupperware container full of homemade cookies. I can only hope there are more moms out there like mine.

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  1. Your mom IS awesome. I had a great time talking to her at the race. And I have to give my mom a vote up for driving me home last night.

  2. I only met her once, but I would have to agree that she was pretty awesome.

    I am wondering why you would need, what appears to be, Drain-O and a glamor magazine for your trip.

    • Derrick, you are quite an astute observer. That was indeed Drain-O and a Glamour magazine. Bob gets constipated before races, so the Drain-O helps clean his pipes out, so to speak. The Glamour magazine was also for Bob.

      He would take a shot of Drain-O, wait 15 minutes, and then he’d grab the magazine and head to the bathroom for a good 45 minutes. It’s always been his pre-race ritual.

  3. Bob, your mom is totally dope! Cookies, bananas, and plums for this weekends race; tell her thanks again it was well appreciated. And when Robby said he burped up a plum on one of his laps she responded with “it’s better to belch and taste it than to fart and waste it.” I knew right then, right there, she’s pretty damn cool. Bob’s mom, you my lady are the shiznit.

  4. Again, I can’t express how much I appreciated everything Bob’s mom sent. My belly stayed full, my lips stayed chap-free, and my feet stayed nice and comfy after the race.

    If you are reading this, Mrs. Jenkins, then thank you from the bottom of my heart! You rock! You’re one helluva a lady, and a great mother. I know you’re a great mother by how Bob has turned out. You’ve made lemonade from lemons with that one. If Otis becomes half the man Bob is, then I’ll consider myself a success as a father.

    Okay, enough being mushy for now. And seriously, thank you!

  5. I think u guys are great, especially my bubba!! It’s just so much fun for me to bring u guys stuff, hope to see you all soon!! Thanks for all the great comments, are you just buttering me up for more cookies? Well I just got a new recipe yesterday! Lol

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