Just for fun Friday – How do You Train Through the Winter Edition

In case you missed it on our facebook page (you can “Like” us on the right hand side of this page, by the way), I just received a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Trainer from the best parents in the world (Thanks again Mom and Dad!). Check it out:


I have a few questions for you guys, though. If you have a trainer, how do you use it? Intervals? Long, slow rides? Shorter race-pace rides? Only when it’s snowing or raining or below freezing?

Also, how do you make it less boring? Do you watch movies? Listen to music or audiobooks? Work on your mental toughness by staring at the wall and suffering? Or do you do group “rides” with others on trainers to suffer together?

Speaking of suffering, has anyone ever tried any of the videos from The Sufferfest? Robby has one and really likes it, and I was thinking about trying one out. It looks like a painfully “fun” way to become a stronger rider.


Or have you used any other training videos? Anyone know anything about the “Spinervals” videos?

Robby, Bob, and I are planning on getting together for some group “suffer fests” on the trainers very soon (and anyone else is welcome to join us… Even Adam). We’ll let you know how it goes.

And what else do you do to train through the winter? Seriously, we want to know. Let’s get some feedback here, people! I’m talking to you! If you’ve been lurking on our blog without commenting, then we want to hear from you. Yes, you!

About Lukas Lamb

Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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  1. What is that rear wheel you’re running? I think I see a reflector on there. I like trainer rides pretty much only when it’s freezing cold and I’m in the garage steaming up the place.

    Looking forward to some group “garage rides” this winter

    • That is the tire from Becca’s Katy Trail cruiser bike. My pump was in her van at her work, so I couldn’t put on my smoother cross/gravel tires, so I just put her tire on my bike.

      Can’t wait for the group garage rides!

    • Yeah…I still have a reflector on my rear wheel. 😛 I like to think I’m so cool that I can leave it there ironically, but really I’m just lazy. Plus, there’s no sense trying to look like I belong when it make it clear that I’m no badass biker as soon as I start pedalling. 🙂

  2. I apologize for my lack of comments…wait, I guess maybe that wasn’t directed at me. I don’t have a trainer, so I make do with a recumbent stationary bike. The only way I can bear spending time on it is with a book, messing around on the Internet on my phone, or watching a movie. A friend of mine used his long ride times to play video games with his teenage son.

    • I’ve made do with a stationary bike in the past, but NEVER again now that I have this. It’s so much better… I’m on my own bike getting time in the saddle, and it feels MUCH more like actually riding outside.

      I hadn’t thought of playing video games with the kids. Or at least watching them play the Wii while I ride. I usually have to be the referee when they argue anyway.

  3. I think I’m going to try and ride all winter, mostly gravel (CBC has a 50 mile gravel grumble Jan 1). I’ve done rollers in the past and just can’t get myself motivated to sludge it out in the basement. With that said, I’m sure I’ll end up on a trainer come spring so I can get some volume in without leaving the wife at home to wrangle the kids every night.

    • Jim, if you still have rollers or a trainer, you’ll have to join us for a garage ride.

      I plan in using the trainer when I’m watching the kids to give my wife a break too. And we’ll definitely still get out and ride this winter when weather and time permit. But my trainer opens up many more opportunities to ride and train for Dirty Kanza, and I’m going to need all of the help I can get.

      • Thanks for the invite. I don’t have either right now, but I can’t imagine I’ll make it too long without. My brother andI have been thinking of doing the DK200 as a team, so if that happens I’ll need all the saddle time I can muster.

        • Well, let us know if/when you get one, and we’ll ride together while going nowhere.

          And you really should do Dirty Kanza. I got my first taste as part of a two-man team, and that’s the beat way to test the waters in my opinion. You guys will have a blast!

  4. During the week, we watch almost anything on Netflix. On Sat mornings, the Trek store has a group 2 hr spin where we start off watching a movie, but usually end up all just talking. A great interval workout is the Critirem (spelling?) video from the Carmichael series. It is a killer!

    • Red Wheel Bile Shop used to do group trainer rides, but I don’t think they do them anymore. So we’ll just go to each others’ houses. And I’ll definitely check out the Carmichael video.

  5. Last winter, I combined lots of snowshoeing with trips to the indoor climbing gym and marathon indoor cycling adventures. The most epic was an indoor, middle-of-the-night century, which I got through on diet coke and half a dozen episodes of American Dreams.

  6. Along with Spinervals and Sufferfest, I also watch other cycling videos (Leadville 100, Lance Chronicles, etc.) On Sunday’s I like to spin and watch football. I can pop on the ipod and listen to music while riding and watching football.

    I can only stand about an hour and a half on the trainer. I find that anything over that and I get lazy and bored.

  7. Mom and Dad like you the best. They are always hooking you up. Maybe I’ll get one soon. How do I train through the winter in upstate NY? (If I had mild winters like you do in MO, I’d train outside 12 months a year.) I snowshoe, ski, gym climb, lift, do BJJ, do muay thai, box, do MMA, plyometric training, and stationary bike. If (Once) I get a trainer, I’ll add it to the training line up. I think it would be better that a stationary bike. I’d probably use it for some interval work (30-60 minutes) during the week and long slow distances on the weekend during football games or while watching movies.

    Now, I might figure out how to game while using it. How cool would it be to get a PS3 in each of our houses and play Socom or COD while biking together? That would give me a chance to kick all your asses twice at the same time…It would double my pleasure. I could kick twice the ass in half the time. I could bike further and win on the PS3. What a great idea. You guys need to get a PS3 so my idea can come to fruition and I can start logging the double ass-kicking hours.

    • Dude, I would destroy you at COD.

      That reminds me, when is that winter race you’ve been talking about? I’m really hoping I can make that one.

      • The Winter Challenge (http://medvedrunwalk.com/event_detail.asp?event=8) is Sunday, January 29th. Check out the ugly guy on the bike punching his passport on the wedbpage for this race. We could make a weekend out of it – skiing, climbing, fighting, Ray’s, the race, and the Sticky Lips Atom Bomb Challenge (http://stickylipsbbq.com/stickylips/atomicbomb.html) Let me know if you guys are coming for sure. I’ll start planning the epic weekend and make sure I am off of work the whole time you guys are here.

        If you are a big COD guy you might take the upset. However, even after 5 years of retirement, I’d still own you or just about anybody in SOCOM (yeah, I was that good. Seriously!)

    • Dude, don’t lie. You already got a trainer just like mine from Mom and Dad. And they do like me best, but who doesn’t? 🙂

      I can fully admit that I would be destroyed in COD. I’m embarrassed to admit that I had to google it to figure out what you were talking about, though. I’ve seen Bob play though, and he might beat you Casey. You’re out of practice.

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