For Sale

2008 Specialized SS Tricross x 2
Both frame sizes are 52

One bike is stock

The other bike is not:
I have upgraded the brakes and hoods to:
SCR-5 Cane Creek hoods and levers Onyx Cantilever Brakes.
Upgraded the front cog to a Salsa cog

$450 a piece- OBO

Contact me via email @ for more information.

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  1. I saw a bumper sticker and it said something like…

    “If you ride a single speed alone in the woods and nobody sees you, is it still cool?”

    It made me smile and think of all my single speed friends and family. Why do they ride single speed? I wondered? I am guessing if you are riding single speed just to be cool you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Someday I’ll have a single speed I am sure. I’d definitely like to check out what it is all about.

    I wonder why people ride single speed? Why do you ried single speed? Your thoughts?

    • Less shit to break, cheaper to fix and easier to push.

    • Simplicity.

      It also takes me back to childhood when me and my buddies would hop on our bikes and cruise around the neighborhood. Jump a few curbs, build a few ramps, or find an empty lot and build a few dirt jumps. Every time I hop on my SS I takes me back to those days, may sound cheesy but I don’t care.

      It does seem to be more mainstream than ever now days. And the perception is hey I ride a SS I am a bad-ass. Wrong! Your a douche and you do it all for the wrong reasons.

      I think the question is why do we ride bikes at all? SS, geared, unicycle, etc. Why?

    • Hipsters ride their fixies with no brakes or helmets because they think it makes them look cool, but I don’t know any single-speed mtn bikers who give a rat’s ass if people think they’re cool.
      Single-speed bikes are cheaper, lighter, simpler, and easier to maintain. But geared bikes are pretty cool, too.

      Robby, that’s an awesome bike. You better keep one of them, otherwise you’ll regret it.

  2. Bob…like you ever break anything!

  3. I’ve never broken a frame…yet

    You gonna race Cedar Cross, Brandon?

  4. If I didn’t already have my salsa I would be all over one of these, I really want a single speed too. You should keep one for DK200.

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