Carnage at the Creek….Team Virtus non-race #3


That’s right folks, it’s time to get excited about a free adventure race. With all the scouting we’ve done, this year’s race promises to be better than ever before. We’ve found more cliffs, caves,  rock formations and abandoned trails than we could ever squeeze into one race, so I hope you got a new camera for Christmas this year.

When do we plan to have this race, you ask? I don’t know, you tell me:

How long is the race you ask? I don’t know, you tell me:

And yes, it’s perfectly normal to say CAC out loud and giggle. That’s the whole point, actually.

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  1. I’m abstaining because there’s no option for scheduling the race when my kids aren’t busy with something I have to be at. That, and my 8 hours would be your 4 hours

  2. Not too long because I want to spend more time socializing.

  3. It seems like the biggest problem we have is shortening the race. It’s like condensing a 30 minute prepared speech into 5 minutes. Not easy.

    I think we could whittle it down to 6 hours if we cut out the paddling leg. The nearest lake to the Cedar Creek area is an 8-mile bike ride, (16 miles round-trip)

    Unless a miracle happens and the creek comes up. If that happened we’d have a course to end all courses. **goosebumps**

    Any thoughts?

  4. Ok, is CAC different from Monstercross?

  5. Looks like I have once again done something Adam will never do…

  6. Definitely not. And I would argue that they aren’t synonyms, either.

    • I clearly misspoke, I meant synonym not psuedonym. Unless your are writing a book under the alias “pleased” or “satisifed” and the other is your real name. If you check it confirms that satisfied is a synonym for pleased. However, pleased is not a synonym for satisfied.

      So I guess since Bob knew this, when he stated he pleased a woman he clearly meant satisfied. However, had he satisfied her she would not have been pleased.

  7. Awwww, Casey…if I have to explain it, it’s just no fun. Trust me on it. No matter what the thesaurus says, they aren’t the same.

  8. Hey, this thread is supposed to be for people to talk about CAC.

    And let me just say: This CAC will please and/or satisfy any man, woman or Adam Laffoon.

  9. I hope to make it to the CAC. I have BLD’s personal guarantee that I will be both pleased and satisfied. This race is going to be epic!

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