The Berryman for Every Man (and Woman)

In case you missed our previous post, there is a group ride going down this Saturday, Jan 14th at the infamous Berryman Trail.  When I wrote that post, all I wanted to do was get a few people together to ride, but it looks like this will be more than that.  It looks like there will be a very good turnout with lots of our friends as well as some soon-to-be-friends that we have yet to meet.  Are you going to be there?

I’ll be staying at my sweet, saintly Grandma’s house in Cuba on Friday night with a couple of my friends, but I know some people would probably like to carpool on Saturday morning.  Leave a comment if you want to hitch a ride from Jeff City, and I’ll hook you up with a friend that’s heading down to Berryman on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, I’ll be getting up really early to register for some guaranteed pain and suffering as well as a chance at redemption at the Dirty Kanza 200 (where things did not go very smoothly for me last year).  After some breakfast, we’ll voyage through the booming metropolis of Steelville to meet up at the Berryman Campground around 7:30.

I’d like to be clipped in and rolling on some sweet single track by 8:00 AM (8:30 at the very latest).  If you need more info on the trail, you can go right here, and if you need a map (courtesy of GORC), take a look below:

The Berryman Trail Map

Click the pic for a printable map

All riders of all skill levels are welcome.  I’ll be really slow since I’ve put on my “winter coat” over the last month or two, so don’t worry about slowing anyone down.  It’s all about the fun and experience for me.  There will also be some pretty fast riders having some fun on Saturday, so if you want to rip it, you can do that too.  Mother Nature looks like she’ll even cooperate with us: Sunny with a high of 45 degrees.  So basically, you have no excuse for missing this ride… Except for kidney stones, your nephews’ birthday party, or a Quantum Leap Marathon on TV.  Any other excuse will not be accepted.

So just come on out and enjoy a great day of riding together.  Drop us a line in the comments section below or on our facebook page if you want us to wait for you at the trailhead.  Or just show up and ride with us.  Seriously, we really hope to see you there!

About Lukas Lamb

Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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  1. Zach has his first basketball game this weekend! DAMN!!

  2. I’m in…also looking to hitch a ride on Saturday morning if anyone has a spot open.

  3. Is an aunt’s birthday party an acceptable excuse? Because I will be heading to Topeka for that after I register for DK. Well, and I would have to leave my house at 03:00 in order to be riding the trail by 08:00.

    To those that are going, have a great ride.

    • Derrick, the only way you excuse is acceptable is if you either pass a kidney stone or watch an entire season of Quantum Leap. I expect you to report back to us.

  4. I live in Stl and was hoping to catcha ride also I have gas money or a truck if I can get enough people to fill it

    • Jim, I was going to suggest you post a comment on the GORC message boards, but I see you already have. I don’t have a tone of connections in that area, so I’m afraid I can’t help you out more. Hopefully, someone will get in touch with you so you can catch a ride. See you Saturday!

  5. This is tempting. I’ve never done Berryman, how does it compare to Greensfelder technically? How much time does it take people to do the whole loop?

    • I’ve only ridden Greensfelder once, and I loved it. Berryman has some very rocky sections, and some sections that have been jacked up by horses and erosion, but overall, it’s a really great trail. If you can ride Greensfelder, you should be fine at Berryman. Anything that is too technical or washed-out for me, I just get off and walk. Ain’t no shame in it.

      If you’re fast, you can ride it in 3 – 3.5 hours. It will probably take me more like 5 or 6 since I’m slow and since I’ll be taking my time and just having fun.

      Hope to see you there!

  6. I would love to do this, but I have a broken bike and I’m slightly lazy at the moment. I also must tell Jim Bacon that he has a very AWESOME last name!

    • I wish you could make it too. Next time. And you should really do the Cedar Cross and the CAC with us this year.

      And I agree about Jim’s last name. I can’t think of anything that isnt even better with some Bacon.

      • Everything is better with Bacon. Looks like i maybe found a ride (DAVE) so looks like when I get there you all can fire some jokes i might even wear this shirt just so you know who I am.

        • Jim, you have to show up wearing that shirt! That would be definitely be photo-worthy for our blog.

          • Of course, they think Bob’s ass is photo-worthy, too, so don’t be TOO honored. 🙂

            • Would Bacon makes Bob’s ass better? Or at least more photo worthy?

            • I am not sure why I capitalized “Bacon” in my last post. I meant bacon the breakfast meat, not Bacon as in Jim Bacon. I pondered if the breakfast meat would make Bob’s ass better (like everything else); possibly even photo-worthy.

              I have spent too much time discussing Bob’s dariaire. I am now done. (I promise no more comments regarding Bob’s ass for at least 24 hours…no matter what is posted or said in attempt to get me to comment on it).

            • Casey, did you mean “derriere”? Do they not teach spellun in New York?

            • I did mean “derriere”. Your spelling looks so much better. I guess they don’t teach spelling in NY. The funny thing is that I looked it up online to make sure I spelled it correctly (to prevent the need to be corrected yet again). Here is what I found

              1. dariaire 7 up, 3 down
              slang for your butt or arse.
              an example would be.

              kiss my dariaire.

              After looking back I realized I found it on Can anybody add anything to that site? Is it like wikipedia? Your spelling looks much better and can be found in I’ll try my best to be more careful in the future. Thanks for correcting me.

              Let me try to use it in a sentence to make sure I really get it…

              Stoney will be seeing a lot of my “derriere” this summer at the Dirty Kanza.

              (See ahat I did there? I implied you’d be seeing a lot of my “derriere” at the race, you know since you’ll be behind me).
              Hey, I look forward to meeting the legendary Stoney someday (seriously). I am registering tomorrow morning for the Dirty Kanza. Hopefully I’ll get in and will see you there.

            • I just checked out and it is crap. I am never using that site to check anything again. You can add anything to it and make junk up. Heck, I might add some words to it just to screw with people.

            • I LOVE Urban Dictionary. Here’s why:

              -a girl’s name for the coolest person you will ever meet.

              -the highest rank of ninja…only the strongest ninja can become Kage
              -a term evolved from the initials KG

              Don’t go hatin’ on my favorite website. This is all I’m going to say, though, bc BLD might be as opposed to website evaluation as he is to grammar debates. 🙂

            • Well you’re still talking about ass just not Bob’s ass, but the 24 hrs isn’t up yet.

              I’m looking forward to meeting you in person, Casey.

  7. Any snow or freeze / thaw issues for the ride Saturday? Plan is to still be there.

    • I think the trail will be fine. It will be cold enough to start the day that we won’t have to worry about it. It might be a little muddy by the end of the ride, but Berryman is rocky enough to be rideable for the most part. See you Saturday!

  8. Whiskey doesnt freeze. It just gets really damn cold 🙂

    My Epic is broken too, looks like I’m on the singlespeed this weekend. It’s easier to push, anyway

  9. lisa and I should be there around 8-830. I’ll be on the slow train – I’ll be scouting the eastern side for maintenance hotspots as GORC will be maintaining in 2012 and beyond. Traded North Trace for Eastside Bman per OTA approval to show the IMBA Epic some much deserved love. Too bad the Ogre won’t be built out by Saturday…

    See you then.

  10. From the pretalk of this ride I’m gonna “ass”ume this is gonna be alot of fun. Oh look I can play the butt game also. HAHAHAHAHAHA Dave and myself are gonna be there around 7:30. AND as for all this “BACON” talk. I will reveal some nice fun photo worthy stuff while I’m drinkin some nice ice cold Keystone Light (yeah I’m smooth) sittin back at the Berryman Shelter See all you folks bright and early.

  11. I live in New York and won’t be making the ride tomorrow. The Berryman is a great trail and you all should have a great time. Hope the butt talk wasn’t too offensive or turned anybody off for the ride (Kage started it all). I am so jealous of you guys (and gals). It supposed to be single digits here, windy as hell, and it’s snowing like a mofo right now. I’ll be on my trainer first thing in the morning (after register for the DK200) thinking about all of you out there having a blast.

    Bacon is a sweet ass name. Have fun everybody!

  12. I just wanted to say this was awesome!!! I’ll be back next year for sure!

  13. Here is a link to the few pics I shot feel free to add tags and friend me if I haven’t sent you a request. Sorry I’m bad with names. Thank you all again for the fun day.

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