The Super Century!

About a week ago, Casey called me up with a “great idea.”  Now usually, Casey’s ideas are mediocre at best.  Just have him tell you about his ideas for Saturday Night Live sketches if you have an extra 5 or 6 hours.  This time, however, I think he had a pretty good idea.  Here’s how it went down…

Casey: “Hey, man.  Why don’t we all do a Metric Century (100 km = 62 miles) on our trainers on Super Bowl Sunday so we can eat whatever we want during the game?”

Me: “Uh… Because that sounds terrible.”

Casey: “I know.”

Me: “Uh… Sure.  That sounds cool.”

And that was the end of it.  I thought… But then the idea started to grow on me.  Yes, riding outside is more fun.  Yes, the trainer can be boring and painful.  Yes, it will completely suck.  Yes, our taints will be destroyed, and our minds will turn into a steaming pile of dog poo.  But that can only help our minds and bodies prepare for the Dirty Kanza 200 and Cedar Cross, right?  So… I’m in!

Kurt Kinetic Trainer

That's not my bike, but I have the same awesome trainer. Thanks again, Dad!

So on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5th, I’ll be getting up early to get a metric century in on my trainer.  Casey will do the same thing in NY, so we’ll be suffering together, thousands of miles apart.

I’d love it if some others would join me.  Maybe we can get together in someone’s basement, rent all of the Twilight Die Hard movies, and suffer together for a few hours.  I have to be at work at 11:30, so I’d like to get an early start.  Maybe 6:00 AM?  Is that too early for you?  Well, too bad.  It’s not like there’s ever a good time to start such a long trainer ride, is there?

I see this thing really taking off.  I bet with the power of Team Virtus and our vast fan base, we’ll have people from all over the country joining us.  And by “all over the country,” I mean at least MO and NY.

We’ll be doing live updates on Twitter and facebook, so be sure to check that out. And please tweet back at us or hit us up with a comment on facebook to give us encouragement or to heckle us.  We’ll need it.

Don’t have a trainer?  Beg, borrow, or buy one.  Or you could do it the easy way and do a metric century outside.  We’ll still count it.  So, who wants to join me?  Are you brave (crazy and stupid) enough?

About Lukas Lamb

Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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  1. Just a metric century? 😉

  2. Don’t have a trainer…what if I do 100 pullups instead?

  3. I don’t have a trainer, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a 1000 rep challenge. That’s right, four zeros. So I’m all in for 1000 “proper form” air squats as fast as possible. Thighs will be screaming, but my taint will be safe! 🙂

  4. When is Super Bowl Sunday? Is that when Bob cleans the bathroom?

  5. this is a terrible idea….but if someone lets me borrow a bike and a trainer I’m game.

    • done and done

      • Damn Bob! I thought I was safe that no one would let me borrow both. thanks though…I guess….just let me know when you want me to pick them up.

        Luke….I will offer my basement as the site for our punishment. It’s unfinished but I do have a TV down there. Plenty of room for other crazy and/or stupid people too.

  6. I’ll be at work, but if you guys pull this off I’ll do a metric on the following Monday..outside.

  7. I am in. Let’s coordinate the start time and do it together apart. We couild even Skype. Let me know your movie selection and I’ll se if I can get the movies. I’ll start at 7:00 EST (6:00 in MO) with you. Hopefully we’ll get a handful of people willing to suffer with us.

    We could even take turns doing intervals or up tempos to simulate leading the pace line during hte race. I haven’t ridden my trainer longer than 75 minutes. I was planningon at least 1 90 minute ride this weekend. I’ll need my chamois shorts and some butter for a metric 100.

    How long do you think it will take? About 4 hours?

  8. Dave (The Tardy Rooster)

    Dumb question, how do you count your milage on your trainer? Do you switch the sensor on your computer to the back wheel? And what about 31 miles on a treadmill, I am a fat runner, not so good at biking like you guys? FYI from Iowa so could add another state to your list if i commit.

    • No, it’s not a dumb question. I had the same one when I got my trainer. You can definitely switch the magnet to the rear wheel, and that should work just fine. I actually got the Garmin Cadence Sensor that also tracks mileage, and I love it.

      If you run 31 miles on a treadmill, you will be my hero. That would more than count. And please don’t ever say that I’m good at biking. You’ll give real bikers a bad name. 🙂

    • 31 miles on a TM? You’re amazing if you do that. My longest was 14, and I thought I’d lose my mind.

  9. I did a middle-of-the-night indoor century last winter, and as much as it was was painfully boring, it felt like a pretty badass thing to be doing 🙂 My hope is to be riding roughly a metric century outside before the superbowl, but if the weather doesn’t allow, I may end up joining you from Philly!

    • The over-night trainer century is on my to-do list for sure. I think after doing the metric century, I may change my mind, though. And even if you ride outside, it will still count as a Super Century. So, now we’re up to 6 states!!! MO, NY, KS, IL, WI, and PA.

  10. If I wasn’t being forced to stay off the bike for 6 because of my stupid tailbone, I would be all in. I’m so jealous. Robin

    • Bummer, Robin! Hopefully, you’ll heal up quickly and be back on the bike sooner rather than later.

    • Instead of doing a century on the trainer can I just rub my taint with sandpaper? I think that would have the same effect just not be as boring.

      • That will definitely count, Stoney! But we’ll need video proof that you actually did it.

        • Yeah, on second thought I’ll just ride the century outdoors. Why are you guys doing the ride indoors anyway?

          • I’m riding inside because I can’t do the Gravel Grinder ride at the Lake b/c of my work. Plus, it’s just a really stupid thing to do, and we aren’t that smart. I want to see how miserable it’s really going to be.

            Why are you riding outside?

          • I am riding outside because it has been freaking cold up here in New York. Plus I want to use my new trainer. I almost through out a 100 mile challenge instead of 100 kilometers. I am so glad that we started with the metric century. Maybe we will do a “real century” on the trainer before the Spring thaw gets here. Maybe an all night century on the trainer? What say you Luke?…Bob?…Kage?…Anybody else?

  11. I already hate myself for agreeing to do an indoor metric century…except that it’s so ridiculous that it’ll be a good story. I’m very jealous of anyone who’ll be able to suffer through it in a group. You and I Casey, we’ll be the ones in lonely misery…unless I go drive to Aaron’s basement of pain, wherever that is. Driving 2ish hours to ride a trainer would be even stupider, dontcha think?

    • I really pity anyone attempting this alone. It will be bad enough as a group. And Kate, you’re welcome to join us. But yeah… It would be stupid to drive 2 hours to ride a trainer for 5 hours. But it would be cool too. Tell Jim to drive down too (but then we’d lose Wisconsin).

  12. Who’s Kate? 🙂

    I may negotiate with my people about the drive as the date gets closer…assuming Illinois would still be represented. We’ll see what happens…I’ve never been known for my brains. 🙂

    • We could set of the computer so that we are all on Skype and we could see and talk to each other during the ride. Or the very least we could update each other on our progress and make sure nobody quit on us….

      And yes, I am riding inside on the trainer. I mistyped when I said outside.

  13. I don’t own a trainer, but if the weather is good (not snowing or raining), I’ll do a metric on one of the trails here.

  14. D@#$ it!! Too bad MO is already represented or I’d definitely be in. Maybe next time………..

  15. I’m in. Will be repping NH in the ride. I’ll have to join late though. Got stuff in the AM.

  16. I’m in, count one more for Illinois.

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