Super Century Update

As the Super Century draws closer and closer (it’s this Sunday!), I’m realizing how awful this idea truly is.  When I wrote the first post about the Super Century, I really thought everyone would call us stupid and try to talk us out of it.  While we had a handful of people do that, we had way more support than I ever dreamed we would have.  Not only did we get support, we actually had a lot of people interested in joining us.  I guess misery really does love company, huh?

Stupid Team Virtus

So far we have several Missourians, Kansans, Illini, Iowans, a Wisconsanite, a Pennsylvannian, and a New Yorker participating in the Super Century by either riding a metric century (62 miles) on a trainer or outside.  On top of that, we have a handful of nutjobs brave souls that are doing stupid amazing challenges in lieu of the Super Century… 31 miles on a treadmill (that’s even worse that 62 on a trainer), 150 pullups (a LOT harder than it sounds), and 1,000 (or is it 10,000?) “proper form” air squats (also a LOT harder than it sounds).

Since there are so many states participating, the state with the most participants will win the State Super Century Challenge (SSCC), so be sure you drop us a line to let us know you participated.  When this thing goes worldwide, we’ll have to make t-shirts or something and make a trophy for the Super Century World Championship.  Until then, though, you’ll have to settle for bragging rights until next year’s challenge.

There’s still time to crap your spleen into your chamois join in on the “fun.”  If you’re in MO or crazy enough to make the drive (Kage?), we’ll be getting together in a basement somewhere (Aaron, does your offer still stand?) at 6:00 AM.  I’m still trying to hunt down a trainer for Adam, so if you have a spare, let me know.

We’ll be tweeting and facebooking throughout the miserable ride.  Make sure you follow us so you can talk us into staying on the trainer when we want to quit, and I know we’re going to want to quit.

The only thing left to do is pick out what we’re going to watch during this ride.  Maybe some old “ALF” re-runs?  “Driving Miss Daisy” perhaps? It’s always inspiring.  I think my number one pick is the under-rated “From Justin to Kelly.”  Do you have any suggestions for us?

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  1. The only thing less appealing than 62 miles on a trainer is leaving home at 3:30 a.m. to drive 2ish hours to ride 62 miles on a trainer.

    That said, I haven’t completely ruled it out. Do I still count for IL if I ride in MO?

    • Absolutely! And you’ll count twice for Illinois if you ride your bike to Jeff City and then ride 62 miles on the trainer.

    • I’ll keep you posted, but I might be doing this in Illinois. I’m getting bored of the levee trail in Chesterfield, so I may complete this on the MCT trails. That might be the only way I can manage 62 miles at this point in the season.

  2. How about you all do ALL the sufferfest video’s.

  3. I seriously thought about purchasing Race Across the Sky 2010 for inspiration and because I haven’t seen Bob’s appearance yet. However, I couldn’t find it cheap enough (it was like $25-30 bucks). I did find a deal where you could get both 2009 and 2010 for $40 but it wouldn’t get here in time unless you paid extra.

    I am glad you posted it because we can’t back out. Luke, see if you can use Zack’s trainer for Adam, I bet he’d let you use it. Are we going to skype during hte ride?

    • Ooh, I’d love to see Race Across the Sky. Bob has to work, right? That stinks, but it does make it less likely I’d have a front row view of his ass in those threadbare shorts.

      • Race across the sky is awesome. Granted, it was just about the same movie in 2009 and 2010, but I do with there was a 2011 version of the movie as well. I would’ve gone to see it.

        • I have seren the 2009 version in the theater. It was awesome. The difference bewtween the 2009 and the 2010 is that our very own Bob Jenkins stars in the 2010 version. I haven’t seen it yet but he has a speaking role in the 2010 version. Check it out.

  4. I am going to Iowa that weekend to drink ALL of their beer, does that count as an amazing challenge?

    I can bring you a trainer tomorrow if you would like, and get it back from you at or on the way to the Chill.

  5. Indeed the offer to use my basement of pain still stands. I even picked up a little.

    Hey Bob, I’m home tonight if you want me to come get that trainer after you get off work just give me a call anytime…I’m usually up till midnight or later.

    So anyone who needs directions for Sundays fun just let me know…you can email me at

  6. I’m still planning on representing Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Adventure Racing (and Iowa) with 150 pullups. It will take me all day but I’ll start bright and early and chime on Twitter and Facebook. Might be able to Skype a bit too. I can probably talk the other members of the squad into tag-teaming 150 donuts or 150 wings if you’d like.

  7. I think we need a consistent hashtag for tweets. Something like #supercentury or #badideas

  8. I have the Race Across the Sky DVD from 2009 if you crazy MOFO’s want to watch it while exploding your taints and developing severe saddle sores.

    • That would be cool. I just wish we knew someone who has a copy of the 2010 film. You would think that Bob would have gotten a few free copies since he’s the star of the show.

  9. I’m stuck at work, so I’ll represent the fine city of Holts Summit by doing 62 thirty-second planks throughout the workday. If thats not a stupid idea, I’ve never had one.

  10. My wife has volunteered to do 150 pullups as well, and she dares anyone on Virtus to prove that she didn’t do them.

  11. Hey, Alabama here. I just stumbled across this. I LOVE bad ideas. My longest ride on my trainer has been an hour. I’d like to try for it.

    Could I ride as long as I can stand take a break do pull ups/pushups/treadmill runs? I could just keep a running total of the entire thing. Just a thought. I’ll be doing “something” what it winds up being is up in the air for now.

  12. Hello from Colorado!!!
    Alright you insane perfect strangers, I’m in. I managed 50 miles a few weeks ago and didn’t need to be committed, what’s another 12?
    I’ll be downing Dr. Pepper and watching Battlestar Galactica all morning while my kids periodically check in on me to see if I’m still alive.

    • Hey, Kathy! We’re happy to have you on board! We can now add another state to the list, and that’s pretty damn cool. If you’ve already done 50, then 12 more will be a piece of cake.

      I haven’t seen Battlestar Galactica, but I’ve heard it’s pretty great. I’ll have to check it out.

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