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TV Signs KG for LBL in KY/TN

Did you understand the title of this blog post?  No?  Then you haven’t been paying attention at all, have you?  Let me decipher the code for you…


TV= Team Virtus (duh!)

KG = Kage (formerly known as Kate Geisen), but we’ll also accept SuperKate

LBL = Land Between the Lakes 24 Hour Adventure Race

KY/TN = Kentucky/Tennessee


That’s right, boys and girls.  Team Virtus has gone coed, and we’ll be competing in the 4-person coed division (aka- the “Elite” division).  What’s funny about competing in the “Elite” division is that Team Virtus has been called “Missouri’s Least Elite Adventure Racing Team” in print.

The Pitch Newspaper Cover Story on Adventure Racing

But that was before we got smart and allowed… uh… invited… uh… asked really nicely… Okay, fine… That was before we begged Kage to join our team and race with us at the LBL 24.  We must have asked her before she downed her morning cup o’ Joe since she graciously accepted our offer (probably out of pity), and now Team Virtus has instantly become a stronger, better looking, more stylish (check out the socks in the photo below), and less hairy team.

Kage Jumping a creek

The first time I ever met Kage was when she beat me in the Castlewood Cup 15K Trail Race.  But I really got to know Kage at the Deuce Adventure Non-Race last year.  It was at the Deuce where I learned that she would make a great teammate.  I tagged along with Kage at the Deuce since she was a newby.  I was just there to teach her some basic navigation skills and make sure she didn’t die.  Not only did she survive, she excelled.  Not one single time did she complain.  Even when she was lost, or tired, or sore, or wet, or hungry, or sitting in a Pack Raft backwards:

Kage in a Pack Raft at the Deuce Adventure Race

Oh, and did I mention she did all of this the day after running 21 miles that left her with blisters and aching feet?!?!?  Clearly, Kage is much, much tougher than me.  I just went and re-read her race report from the Deuce,  and if you want to get an idea of Kage’s personality, you should read it too.

It’s always weird for us to bring on new teammates.  Bob and I started this team and this blog because we thought it would be fun.  We never thought anyone other than our parents would actually read it, and we definitely never thought anyone other than my brother, my cousin, and my friend, Drew would want to be on the team.  So it’s awkward for us to ask someone to join us.  In fact, it usually takes us way too long (as was the case when Adam, Robby, and Rusty joined the team).  In fact, it’s taken us almost a year too long to get Kage on board.  I can’t believe she hasn’t been snatched up by a much better team already.  Take a look at our comments from her Deuce report:

Comments on Kage's Blog

Both Bob and I pretty much said she should be on our team almost a year ago, but we are always hesitant to come out and make it official by asking someone to come on board.  It just seems like by asking someone to be on our team, we’re assuming that we are this amazing team that everyone wants to join.  As much as we joke about how awesome we are, it’s always in a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek kind of way.  But we are humbled that Kage has agreed to join us.

So Kage, Bob, Casey, and I will be racing at the LBL 24 Hour Adventure race on March 24th – 25th.  We apologize in advance to all of you racing at LBL in the all-male division.  There will be one less team for you to finish ahead of.  And for those of you in the “Elite” Coed Division, I would normally joke about how you should prepare to lose to us.  However, with Kage on the team, it might not be a joke after all.

Doubters, Doubters… Everywhere!

If you’re a true Virtusite, then I’m sure you already know about the little ALPO Challenge that Bob and I have thrown down for ourselves.  And if you’re not familiar with it, then shame on you.  Go read that post and get caught up.

I can’t say it’s been easy for me so far.  Post-ride meals and beverages are always tempting.  Pre-ride “carb-loading” (aka-stuffing my face thinking I’ll burn it all off in training) has been a challenge as well.  Eating out several times last week with Casey and his family in town was a bit of a struggle, too.  My grandma’s 90th birthday party was ridiculous:

Dessert Table of Temptation


With all that said, I’ve done a pretty good job thus far.  As of this morning, which is just 12 days after we came up with this terrible idea, I am down 7 pounds from 218.5.  So at 211.5, I have 6.5 more pounds to go to get to 205 before March 24th.  I know what you’re thinking.  No problem.  That’s easy.  Right?

Well, the first few pounds are always the easiest.  The closer you get to your goal, however, the more difficult the weight loss becomes.  You’re hungry, you’re a little tired, your metabolism is down-regulating in response to the caloric deficit, your will power is weakening, etc., etc.

What makes this challenge so much easier, though, is knowing that all of our friends are rooting for us.  For example, a few minutes ago I went to get the mail.  I found a small package in my mailbox.  I didn’t remember ordering anything, and my wife rarely orders anything.  Weird…

Then I noticed it was addressed to Lukas Lamb & Bob Jenkins.  Even weirder… Now, Bob and I are very close, but despite the rumors, we have NOT moved in together… Yet.  I looked at the return address, and I realized that the mystery package was from our good friends from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Cool!  I thought it must be a WTF t-shirt that I was promised after Brian gave their only extra one to Bob at last year’s adventure racing camp.  But then I realized it wouldn’t have been addressed to me AND Bob if it was my t-shirt.  Plus I shook the package, and something was rattling around in it.  So, I ran into the house with the anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning.  I tore the package open to find this:

WTFAR Package of Candy

Click the image to read the lovely note of encouragement.

After I was done laughing my chubby butt off, I ate every piece of candy just to spite them.  Okay, that’s not true.  I appreciate the kind gesture, but I have not, and will not, consume any of these goodies.  Although, the Nick Jonas Chocolate Chip granola bar is especially tempting.  I mean, you can never get enough of the most talented Jonas Brother, can you?

And this was just 1 day after we plugged the WTFAR facebook page:


Yeah, they were at 75 “Likes” before the power of all of you Virtusites helped push them towards 100.  And as a thank you, we get a slap in the face with a package full of junk food?  Wow.  We have now become frenemies.  This means war, WTFAR!  Watch your backs, ladies.  You’d better come to the CAC prepared.  We just might have a “special” course especially for you guys.

I know there are other doubters out there, and that’s to be expected.  In fact, I know some of you are hoping we end up eating the dog food.  I don’t blame you.  I would absolutely be doubting us if I were you.  In fact, I do have doubts about this whole thing.  And that’s okay, because I also have commitment.  Here’s a good quote I’d like to leave you with:

“The relationship between commitment and doubt is by no means an antagonistic one. Commitment is healthiest when it is not without doubt but in spite of doubt.”Rollo May

So stay tuned to find out how this all shakes out.  It should be interesting.  And to up the ante, I’ll eat a can of dog food if I don’t get below 200 pounds before LBL.  How’s that for commitment?  Or is it just stupidity?  You decide.

Just for Fun Friday – Honey Run Mountain Biking Edition

Casey and his family have come and gone, and although my house is a little quieter, they are already missed.  We made the most of our time together, though.  We rode 14 miles of single track, over 75 miles of gravel together, and we spent the weekend with family for my grandma’s 90th birthday party.  If you haven’t seen the video from our Dirty Jenkins ride, then I suggest you drop everything and do so right now!  Below you’ll find some photos and a video from our mountain bike ride at Honey Run down at Lake of the Ozarks.  Hopefully this will satisfy your insatiable hunger for all things Virtus until we get a post and video ready of our Boone-Doggle Ride (that Bob had to miss).  Here you go… Enjoy…

Austin's Bent Rim Mountain Biking

Less than a mile into the 14 mile ride, Austin bent a rim... going uphill. We smashed it into the ground to get it straight enough to finish the ride, though.

Casey Mountain Biking at Honey Run

Imagine that... Casey is smiling again.

Austin and Luke at Honey Run

Austin forgot his Jersey back in NY... Or he's too embarrassed to wear it.

Kid in a Tree

Austin in a Hobbit Hole... Sort of.

Post-Ride Beer

Post-Ride Beer. If you're ever in Up-State NY, you need to try some beer from the Genesee Brewing Company. Actually, Genny and Genny Light are pretty terrible, but this "Bock Beer" was pretty good. As far as I know, they didn't have this when I lived there. The can is pretty cool, too.

Sasquatch Lambs

Which is the real Sasquatch?

Post-Ride Meal

Since I really don't wanna eat dog food next month, I opted for this instead of pizza for my post-ride meal.

Little Girl Middle Finger

It's nice to know that Casey is raising his daughter right.

Bearded Lambs

Austin has finally become a man. I'm a little jealous since his beard is more full than mine. Big thanks to Kage for picking this up for me to give to Austin.

The Dirty Jenkins Training Ride

As some of you may know, Casey is in town from New York.  Since the weather has been great for this time of year, we rode 14 miles of single track down at the Lake of the Ozarks, and then on Tuesday we decided to do the Dirty Jenkins Ride with the creator of the ride himself: One Mister Robert L. Jenkins III (or Bob to you and me).  Casey, Austin (my nephew), and I all met up with Bob and had an absolute blast on this ride.  Here’s a little video from the gravel ride for your viewing pleasure.  It’s at least worth watching from 1:40 – 2:50 and then again from 5:19 – 6:10.

Since Wednesday is supposed to be even better weather, we’re riding again to prepare for Dirty Kanza and Cedar Cross.  Adam and Robby actually took a day off, and Casey and I are meeting them for a 50+ mile ride with some decent climbs.  Here is the route we’re planning on doing if all goes well.  Bob couldn’t fake being sick get someone to cover his shift for him, so he’ll miss out on the most bad-ass ride ever.  It’s not like a 50 mile ride would help him avoid eating dog food, right?

Just for Fun Friday: The ALPO Acountability Edition

Well, Bob and I talked about keeping this one to ourselves since we probably (definitely) share too much with all of you, but I decided that posting this would be in our best interests.  Since Bob is always calling me the team captain, a title I refuse to accept unless it allows me to do something like this, I figured I could make an executive decision.

Captain of Team Virtus Adventure Racing

Now THAT'S a captain we would all follow!

So, here’s the deal…

I’ve gotten a little chubbier over the winter.  My training has been going very well, but my nutrition has been hit or miss.  I’ll be “good” for a few days, and then I’ll fall off the wagon and eat everything in sight for a few days.  Since we’ll be racing the 24-Hour LBL Challenge in just 5 weeks (more on that in an upcoming post), it’s time to get my sh*t together.

I’ve done the “accountability thing” in the past with some success, but I never fully followed through with my plans.  And the results definitely didn’t stick.  Yes, I’m thinner than I used to be, but I’m not where I need to be.  So to get ready for LBL, I emailed Bob on Valentine’s Day (No it wasn’t a Valentine’s e-Card…  I sent him a real card).  Here’s what I wrote in the email:

“I weighed 218.5 as of this morning.  I’ll be 205 or less by LBL or I’ll eat a can of dog food and you can film it for the blog.  How’s that for accountability?”

Roughly 30 minutes later, Bob replied with:

“I’d say that’s pretty damn good.  As long as we’re on the accountability bandwagon, I’ll promise to eat a can if I’m not 245 before LBL.”


This might be the only gravy in the world Bob and I wouldn't happily devour.

So, now it’s out there on the Interwebz.  And no, I didn’t come up with this terrible idea on my own.  I got it from one of my favorite Strength Coaches, Dan John, who got it from motivational guru Anthony Robbins, who got it from one of his clients…  I strongly suggest you check out the article right here.  And since most of you won’t actually read the article, here’s  a quote from that article that really resonated with me:

“The problem is simple: Most of us know what to do. Let me say this again: Nearly every reader knows what to do about losing fat and/or gaining muscle. It’s like telling people they need to put on a seatbelt or to stop smoking or to floss daily. I mean, we know that information, but sometimes, well, we just can’t find the floss.”

I know many of you will be rooting for our failure, and honestly, I don’t blame you.  I think it would be hilarious to see someone eat a can of dogfood.  But hopefully, Bob and I have found our floss.  And even more hopefully, you won’t be seeing us eat ALPO anytime soon.  Sorry to disappoint you.

***Editor’s Note: My friend and former high school teammate, Chris, used our facebook page to call me out on my back up plan.  As a former wrestler, I could easily be down to 205 pounds in just a few hours by cutting weight if I really wanted to.  But since that’s not the Virtus Way, I promise to actually lose the weight and not just drop water weight.***

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