Get Some Dirt in Your Chamois This Saturday Morning

I’d like to do a longer ride Saturday morning. This gravel-jam will begin at approximately 730 am in beautiful Mokane, Missouri. This may or may not be a scouting ride for parts of the Cedar Cross.

Shitty weather will not be grounds for ride cancellation. The only thing stopping me will be the Hams Prarie gas station…their sandwiches are delicious.

Don’t forget dog-spray and gummi bears…and your ipod. and chamois butter. and gummi bears.

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  1. I’ll be there! Weather should be pretty good – high 40’s to start and getting into the mid 50’s and partly cloudy. Rumor has it that Kage may make an appearance. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  2. I will be there…

  3. Looks like I’m in. I’ll need directions, though.

  4. Sweet. Just email me your starting location and I’ll send you a mapquest link or something.

  5. Well now that I waited all week to find our if there was a ride on Saturday, came to work for a 48, without my bike, now I find out there is. Thanks for the heads up Bob. LOL. If I can jump through my ass and get my wife to bring my bike to me and someone to come in early so I can make the 0730 start time, I will be there.

  6. Well it looks like the stars have aligned, I will be there and it looks like I might bring another person. How hard is it to find? Do we need to plan for 50 miles or will there be any stops for food/drink? Looking forward to it.

    • There’s a gas station very close to mile # 24. I’m working on my Kanza setup, so I’ll be riding heavy.

      This looks to be a pretty good-sized group ride:)

      • Ok, well we will be coming from work, but will try to pack heavy. I am sure someone might need to stop anyway though. Yeah it looks like a decent sized group. We have people coming in at 0530 so I think we can make it by 0730, hopefully. =) We may need some directions though once we get close.

  7. You can count me in although I will be out late Fri night so I’m sure I will be slower than normal.

  8. It always makes me laugh when Adam just assumes he’s invited.

  9. Pics of the ride are up on our Facebook page, and that was one helluva good ride!

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