The CAC Is So Close, You Can Almost Taste It!

Get excited, everybody.  The CAC is only a few short days away!  What’s the CAC, you ask?  Well, if you don’t know what the CAC is, then you really need to get out more.  You can get caught up here, here, and here. All caught up?  Great.  Let’s continue.

Bob and I have been working really hard on the CAC.  Day in and day out, we’ve been slaving over this CAC.  Why?  Well, to bring you the best non-racing experience ever, of course!

Map Work for the CAC Adventure Race

Gettin' ready for our epic, week-long journey setting up the CAC course.

Scouting for and planning the course for this year’s adventure non-race has been a ton of fun.  Setting the course up, however, has been a struggle.  It took us just a wee bit longer than we thought it would.  Bob and I were in the woods for seven days straight just placing all the CP’s in the correct locations.  We battled heat, rain, cold, hunger, thirst, wild animals, and each other over the last week.  Don’t believe me?  Well look at this:

Now do you believe me?  After all the hard work and several near-death experiences, we only have a few control markers left to hang, and we’ll take care of those in the next day or two.  And in case you missed it on our facebook page, the control markers will look like this:

Homemade Control Marker for Orienteering

It'll give you fresh breath, too!

After we were finally done, Bob and I finally got to reward ourselves with a long-awaited packrafting trip down storm-swollen Cedar Creek.  It was the perfect ending to a long, hard CAC preparation expedition.

Pack Rafting in a Flytepacker

Way too much fun.

What else could possibly make the CAC better?  How ’bout a potluck?  Rumor has it that Todd from the Hoosier Daddies is going to bring some brats, Kage is bringing some cookies, and we’ll be providing some baked potatoes and toppings.  If you wanna bring a dish too, that’d be fantastic, but definitely not mandatory.

Anyway, I hope you’ve been training hard.  This just might be the best adventure non-race of all time, and I’m not exaggerating at all.  It’s going to be amazing.

About Lukas Lamb

Husband to a wonderful wife, father to 4 incredible kids (3 daughters and 1 son), adventure racer, mountain biker, runner, lifter of weights, reader of books, and lover of life. He can be found on Google+

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  1. My favorite part of the video is Bob’s discussion of being in a survival situation (boy, does that take me back to LBL) with no water as he sits in the running creek. The pictures look awesome. I can’t wait for Friday. Unless you’ve given away my name (and recipe) to Travis, though, my link is wrong…and to paraphrase William Wallace/Mel Gibson, they may take my cookies, but they’ll never take MY NICKNAME!!

  2. “….The real Kage is ten feet tall and shoots lightning bolts out of her ass…”

    Damn I look good in that Flytepacker!!

    • I like your paraphrase better than mine. 🙂 Bad luck for whoever’s stuck riding sweep behind me, though.

      You looked pretty good in the video too, you and your shit-eating grin…

      (I’m never going to finish this paper)

  3. Ok, I was way off

  4. Unfortunately, I will not be tasting any CAC this weekend. I wish I could make it this weekend. I could really use a little CAC. I guess I’ll never know what CAC tastes like. You guys will have to tell me how it tastes. Maybe, I’ll make the 4th Non-race. Have a great time, be safe, and try not to get too lost.

    • You could use a little CAC? I heard you already had one. 🙂

      • Ha ha hahahaha! Oh, man! I wish I would have seen this sooner. Nicely done, Kage. He really walked into that one, didn’t he? I can’t wait to read his very long rebuttal.

        • **waiting patiently for Casey’s response**

          • Hook-Line-and-Sinker. You took it all. Such an easy insult. Really? I gave you that line. What can I say…I’m a giver. I let Luke carry my pack, I set my teammates up to be funny (studies show that Luke is 87% funnier when I am around). However, I was trying to catch me a big Luke and not a Kage. I thought he’d be the only one to take the easy, obvious gimme line.

            What’s funny about it is that it is 100% true. I am not arguing. Just remember Luke and I have a lot of the same DNA so he is in the same boat as me. I really tried to ramble, to give the expected long comeback everybody was hoping for but I just wasn’t inspired to do so. To tell you the truth I gave you a gem and you took the easy, lame comeback and ruined it. That’s all I have to say about that.

            • Yeah Kate, he totally tricked you into making fun of his wang.

              And then he capped it off with a really short, 2-paragraph, 15 sentence comeback.


            • You can’t doubt it, it just happened. BAM! I am the puppet master, pulling the strings to make you all dance. DANCE PUPPETS DANCE!!!

            • Whatever. Does Albert Pujols (or insert current hot hitter here…I’m not much of a baseball fan) refuse to swing when the pitcher lobs the ball over the plate? Hell no. I feel no shame about taking advantage of your easy pitch, and I believe my batting average speaks for itself. 🙂

            • Hmm… Interesting. That’s not where I thought Casey would go with this. I don’t believe it was a set up, but it’s a good argument nonetheless.

              And yes, I am much funnier with Casey around. He provides so much material to work with, and I know he can take what I dish out.

              And as far as sharing DNA, I’m pretty sure Casey was adopted.

            • Adopted? Well, I guess that would explain my stunning good looks and extreme atleticism as compared to you. Maybe I was adopted…I was probably the love child of Robyn Benincasa and Lance Armstrong since I rock on the bike and all disciplines of adventure racing. I wonder why the put me up for adoption (here is another freebie Kage). I guess that maybe I got in way of their training or they just weren’t ready for children 38 years ago…

            • My guess on reason for adoption would be that she had a hard time balancing motherhood and her kindergarten studies.

  5. Too late to join? I could fire up the smoker tonight and bring some pulled pork if that helps sway your vote.

  6. Didn’t light the smoker but I’ll bring some cynthiana, it’s cheaper than the Norton. 🙂

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