Dirty Kanza Weather Forecast

Day Jun 2

Partly Cloudy84°FHighPartly Cloudy

Chance of rain: 20%
Wind: S at 10 mph
Humidity: 64%
I’m sorry, but I’m calling bullshit on this one. My weather prediction is as follows:
High Temp: 108°F
Cloud cover: That would mean we’d have shade…and we all know there will be none of that.
Winds: Most likely the wind will be blowing out of the North, South, East and West depending on which direction we’re riding
Humidity: What humidity? There isn’t enough Chamois Butt’r on the planet to prepare for what’s waiting out there.
I think it’d be fun if we all threw $5 in a hat and whoever makes it the furthest wins the money.

Let the carb-loading begin


About Bob Jenkins

Crusher of beers.

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  1. You have to stay positive. I’m thinking a high of 70 with a 30mph tail wind (with gusts up to 50 on the hills) AND a 5mph headwind to keep us cool. I’m also predicting a stalled ice cream truck on Little Egypt Rd looking to unload free product, a steamroller having pre-rode the course and knocked all sharp edges off the super smooth gravel, and an on-call mobile cold chamois butter soft serve machine.

    See you guys in Emporia!

    • Little Egypt Road is not on the course this year. Sadly, we will be riding the same boring course as last year. The toughest climb will be up the highway overpass to the gas station – also known as Texaco Hill. Other than that it is ridiculously flat.

      • Crap. Now we’re gonna miss the ice cream truck.

      • Stoney, are you kidding? Or is this for real? I only rode part of the course last year, so I don’t know if it’s hilly or not. Some say it was crazy hilly last year. How do the hills compare to the hills at Cedar Cross?

        • I’m kidding about it being ridiculously flat. Kansas is not as flat as people say it is. It’s in the Flint Hills and there are some decent hills there, but the hills at Cedar Cross were more difficult. We are not riding Little Egypt Road though. I was serious about that and I’m as disappointed as Kate that there won’t be ice cream.

          You’re riding SS right? Any gear you can handle in Mid-Missouri you can ride at Kanza.

          • Okay, good to know that the hills were harder at Cedar Cross. And yeah, I’m riding a SS. I’m running a 42×20 (Is that a wimpy gear? I seriously have no idea), and I only walked the last big climb before the nuclear reactor at Cedar Cross. Hopefully, I’ll be able to handle everything at DK on it. Out of curiosity, what gear are you running at Kanza, Stoney?

  2. Yo – Bob I am in with your $5 jinx! PS… I am going to hug your rear wheel like a fender. I have been training for you gaseous explosions by feeding Wendy brussels sprouts and 2 PBR tallboys before bed and then I pull the covers over my head. Training has been tough! I am READY!

  3. I rode in a nasty headwind for a while yesterday, and it provided a nice distraction from how much my butt hurt. Also, I want some of the Kool-Aid Jim’s drinking. I like his vision.

  4. You guys are rock stars and I’ll be waiting to read and see all about it. Does that camera chafe in your bra Kate?

    • Not at all. I don’t even notice it. In fact, one time it fell onto the floor when I was getting ready to shower bc I’d forgotten it was there.

  5. You might be wrong about the forecast Bob. Check out the hometown forecast.

  6. The only problem I see with the $5 wager is that I expect all of us to finish. So, then we’re all going to have to ride extra miles to see who wins the cash. But I’m down for that.

  7. Bob, the 108°F, 20 mph headwinds and cloud free skies is what will be waiting for me in 4 1/2 weeks at Odin’s Revenge. Since I’m sitting this one out, the weather will be absolutely perfect. Good luck to everyone going!

  8. Good luck! You’re all crazy!

  9. I would probably be in on the $5 but who gets it when we all finish? I hope the weather forecast is right, that would be awesome, but I am not holding my breath. The one thing about this year is we have more people that we know going, than ever before. The only thing I know for sure is I want to stay around someone as much as possible, being alone screws with your head.

  10. I plan on drinking at least one beer at the 3rd checkpoint. I just hope I don’t have to drive there to do it..again.

    i keep thinking back to those guys from Team Fohty, drinking warm cans of Schlitz at the 50 mile point of Cedar Cross. Amazing.

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