A Monster of a Group Ride


I have big news, everyone: Our man Jim Smith, overlord of Monster Bicycle Company and proud sponsor of the Cedar Cross,  is organizing a long group ride on the Katy Trail.

Ride deets are as follows:

Date of departure: 10/20/2012

Point A: Columbia, MO

Point B: Hermann, MO

Distance from A-B:  Approximately 90-ish miles

Upon arrival at point B, Jim wishes for us to “camp and be merry.” I’m cool with that.

The next morning, we’ll resume travel in an Easterly direction en route to Point C 

Point C: St. Charles, MO

For anyone who has never done a long Katy Trail ride, there’s a trip planner at www.bikekatytrail.com where you can find tons of info regarding places along the trail to refill water/buy food/take a crap, etc. There are towns and trailheads about every 10 miles, so you can customize this ride to suit yourself. The possibilities are literally endless. 

Justin and Aaron at one such “kiosk”

You can bet I’ll be stopping in Treloar for delicious cheeseburgers and again in Augusta for a growler of their fabulous craft beer. This is going to be a great ride with great people, and you should be there. ALL are welcome.

Rumor has it that Jim is going to be giving away one of his custom-built titanium frames during this ride, but I might be making that up. Seriously, I’m totally lying about that.


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  1. I’ll plan on leaving from Flat Branch park in CoMo around 7am

  2. Good point, Hermann will probably be a zoo. We might think about riding past hermann and camping in Treloar. It’d be another 16 miles, though.

  3. I might try from point A-2 (Jeff City) to Hermann and then have my husband come get me. It would still be damn near twice as far as I’ve ever ridden, but at least no crazy hill climbing. Pretty sure I won’t want to get on a bike and ride further the next day though. Things to think about….hmmm…Thanks for sharing.

    • Christina, I’m sure you can do it. The hardest part about riding the Katy Trail is the ass-pain from never climbing or descending 🙂

      Riding from Columbia to Hermann is still a good accomplishment. In my opinion, that’s where you have the best scenery. After Hermann it gets pretty bleak for a while.

      Worst case scenario: Ride as far as you can and we’ll have Adam pull you the rest of the way.

  4. post that up on attackpoint!! 1 week before Berryman Trail Epic, good timing 🙂

  5. Got a couple of riders leaving from st. Charles to meet in Herman and ride back Sunday.

  6. Just got my October schedule. I might have to do some begging to get to do the Perfect 10, but I’m defintely going to make this ride. Time to do some pannier shopping 🙂

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