Tetherball World Championship is this Month.

My friends, the hour is nearly upon us. In just 3 short weeks, Team Virtus will return to Camp Benson in hopes of  defending the Tetherball heavyweight crown. ESPN has yet to return my calls, but I’m sure there will be online coverage.

BLD vs BVW, circa 2010. This photo was used with the express written permission of the World Championship Tetherball Federation, (WCTF)

Oh yeah, and we’re also going to do a 24 hour race called the Thunder Rolls. Last time we tried this race, we did the 12 hour version and it was the hardest race I’ve ever done..by far. The scenery was amazing, but it’s hard to forget the endless thorns, stinging nettle and being blinded from some kind of pollen in my eyes. That race kicked our ass in every way.

Following Luke through the tallgrass. I’m pretty sure this is what got in my eyes.

Not to mention the longest, most awkward paddling leg of all time…followed by the longest, most horrific upstream pack-rafting leg in adventure racing history.

Does anyone remember how long this took?

But, we did get some pretty awesome North Face hoodies, some free Zanfel and a bottle of Boetje’s Mustard. Not to mention drunken dancing at a Rat Baxter concert with some of the local elderly ladies (read the Thunder Rolls Race Report here). I’d say that warrants a return visit, wouldn’t you? The good news is that Luke and Kate are in excellent shape, and I’m only about 40 pounds fatter than I was when we did the 12 hour race. That should balance us out pretty well, right?

Hey, at least we won’t be competing in the same division as Team Bushwacker, (Scott Fredrickson, y’all!!),  or Alpine Shop…Oh wait, yeah we are 

Look out, Kountry Kettle. We’re coming for you.

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  1. Just looking at the photo of you and BVW makes me happy. I can’t flippin’ wait to see you crush him, and then I can’t wait to race!

  2. It’s definitely gonna be a great race. Gerry’s update said we’re only going to be using regular 1:24,000 scale topo maps for 10% of the time, then LIDAR in different scales for the rest. That oughta be a whole different experience.

  3. I’m not sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. I’ve know Brian a long time and it’s all fun and games until he loses. Then the gloves come off and I get volunteered to do something stupid. Please don’t make me do something stupid.

  4. Don’t forget your speedo, Todd. 🙂

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