And then there were 10

Scrolling through the archives of  all that is Virtusan, anyone would notice that Travis Hammons has unofficially been with TV for quite some time. He was the first person to sign up for the Cedar Cross, (which is a TV race no matter what Luke says), and has taken part in 2 of our 3 non-races. He’s been a major part of our annual assault on the Dirty Kanza, and after next weekend he’ll have raced the Berryman AR twice with my fat ass.  

His wife Crystal and son Ethan are always quick to volunteer at the non-races, and Crystal has achieved sainthood for putting up with all of Luke’s sexual harrassment when she’s pregnant. The fact that it took us this long to invite him “inside” is solid proof that we’re a bunch of assholes.  

Travis still has to learn the secret handshake and take the “initiation shot”, (don’t ask),  but after that he’ll be able to fire Adam on a whim and poke fun at Kate’s pending 40th birthday anytime he wants. I’m sure he’ll also have fun pointing out that we finished his team bio before her own. Not that she’s watching.. 🙂

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  1. Welcome aboard*, Travis!

    *pending completion of your initiation. 🙂

  2. “Sexual Harassment” is a bit too harsh, don’t you think? I can’t help it if I find the pregnant body absolutely beautiful. Maybe that’s why I have four kids. But then again, with twins, I got jipped out of a pregnancy. Becca owes me one.

    Welcome to the team, Travis. You’ve always been a Virtusan at heart, but now it’s official!

  3. Solid choice there! GETCHASUM TRAVIS!!!

  4. Welcome brother, welcome….

  5. A great addition to our team and a perfect fit. It feels like you been on the team for over a year now. I guess it’s official. Welcome Travis. I am looking forward to racing with you.

  6. While my wife was smoking hot while she was prego, there were two parts that were my favorite, just below the neck.

  7. Thanks everyone. I am really looking forward to the future with Team Virtus. Starting with my first official team race The Berryman this weekend. Yes Luke sexual might be a little strong, but we will have to ask Crystal for her official opinion.

    • Travis:

      Congratulations! The loyal readers await a recap of the Berryman. Kage has done her part. How about a little effort from you and Bob?


      • Kate can hammer out race reports so unbelievably quickly….she’s such a pain in the ass.

        • James Browning

          OK, Bob. This is just getting silly.


          • I’m working a LOT lately, so I haven’t been able to do much TV race report work. I think my report is about 2 sentences long at this point.

            This would be so much easier if I were unemployed. Stupid job.

            • James Browning

              Bummer about work. I hope it lets up, because in addition a lot of blog writing, you’ve also got some serious preparation for the upcoming Skippo 30K. We’ve got belt buckles to drink beer from. And I look forward to meeting you – but really, it’s more about the beer.

            • We’re going to have to start complaining about the Wineglass Marathon report not getting posted pretty soon. It’s a pretty big accomplishment and nothing has really been said about it. I had to search “the innernets” to find results.

              Full marathon –
              Half marathon –

              Luke ran remarkably even splits. Nice job all around to the Lamb family.

            • Thanks, Stoney! We had a great weekend. I don’t think I could have run more even splits if my life depended on it.

              And you’re right. I’m just a wee bit behind on the race reports: My St. Louis Half Marathon from April, the final part of the LBL Challenge Adventure Race from April, Part 2 of the Thunder Rolls Adventure Race from August, and now the Wineglass Marathon.

              I’ll try to get some done this week.

            • If you were on Facebook you’d know, Stoney! Well, the finish time…not the splits.

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