The CAC Will Rise Again

Well folks, it’s that time of year again; time to start planning next year’s non-race. Approximately 5 months from now, (Pending the MDC announcing the last day of turkey season), “Carnage at the Creek” will make its triumphant return to Mid-Missouri. 

*Pause ten seconds for applause*

Just look at how happy our CAC made Team Wahoo last year.

Obviously, the race is still in its earliest stages of development. The one thing we know for certain is that there will be no mountain biking on horse-accessible trails this year…I promise. We’ve had with these damn horses and the trail of destruction they leave behind. All biking for the 2013 CAC  will take place on “horseless” singletrack  and gravel roads.

Team WTFAR/Tardy Rooster finishing the rowing leg in 2012.

The 2013 orienteering leg will include land features not used in previous non-races.  There may or may not be  a coasteering leg this time, a cave or two, and several other previously-unseen areas of the Mark Twain National Forest. Just know that it’ll be very, very fun. Did I mention I’ve found two natural rock arches out there?

The Two Tonic Knights; We hope to see you guys back in 2013.

While there will be several changes for 2013, one thing will remain the same: This will be the best adventure non-race in the midwest world. That’s right, I said the world. If you can find a free AR that’s better than ours, I’ll name my first child Adam Laffoon Jenkins. You heard it here first, if you can find a better FREE adventure race ANYWHERE, I will name my own child after this man:

This is probably what Adam is doing right now.

There will be free food, free beer, free camping before and after the race, free fart smelling in every tent, and I can personally guarantee that pork steaks will rain from the sky when the race is over.

The Nemeth Battalion at Transition

The only thing CAC2 non-racers will pay for is their map. we’ve paid for the maps in years past, but at $9 a piece they got pretty expensive last year. Still, $9 for a race like this is a steal. 

Something tells me Dave will be happy to find out we won’t be doing any rowing in 2013.

Race date is tentatively set for April 20th, 2013. That may or may not change, depending on the official end to hunting season. We pissed some turkey hunters off last year, and I’d like to avoid repeating that.

Kate “carb loading” before the CAC 2012


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  1. Here is the WTFAR list of demands:

    1. WTFAR is absolutely not non-racing unless their is at least a promise of potential “50% off beef” as part of the pre-race camping festivities.

    2. SuperKate’s tent must be at least 250 yards away from ours. Oh the snoring…

    3. No celebrity “guest racers” can be better than ours.

    4. Speaking of “guest racers”, keep Adam away from us. We won’t save him from deadly snakes in CAC 2.0 – The Revenge of the Sack.

    62. Don’t hate us for winning.

    8. A motorcade to direct us from camping spot to starting line the morning of the race. Missouri roads make us get lost.

    12. SuperKate not allowed to declare victory over WTFAR if she teams up with SuperChuck again (see #3).

    5. Crazy “Step On My Property And I’ll Shoot You” Guy’s house MUST be a water stop.

    We reserve the right to add more demands as we see fit.

    • Hey, Chuck teamed up with ME. He wasn’t SuperChuck until then. And listen to you already making excuses for losing to me AGAIN. You won’t be able to hear the sounds of my “snoring” over your whimpering about the ass whupping you’re getting in April.

  2. Hell, after the mountain biking leg, rowing was a piece of cake! I’ll be there!

  3. wait, same day as bonk hard’s OGRE? say it ain’t so! (although i haven’t committed to anything yet).

    • Well, shit. I thought the Ogre was earlier in the month. I guess we’ll have to change the date. Nice save.

      • thanks be to my attackpoint log…events through 2013!

      • What’s up with them scheduling the Ogre two weeks before Cedar Cross? Are they trying to move in on your gravel goodness? I intend to do both of them, but I’m not really sure my taint can take two gravel centuries (and then some) in 2 weeks. But thanks for not making CAC on the same date.

        • It seems like the hardest thing about race planning is picking a day that doesn’t conflict with some other event. It’s damn near impossible. We’ll get the CAC date sorted out eventually, but the Cedar Cross is definitely May 4th, 2013.

          Speaking of the CAC, I just picked up another rack of ribs for raceday. I think I’m gonna take off work the day before the CAC just so I can slow cook ribs all day and drink beer.

          CAC 2013: No pork left behind.

  4. WTFAR is right, we gotta go by Crazy Guys house again. Or maybe it should be the location of a mystery event!

  5. Dave (The Tardy Rooster)

    I am so ready! Don’t know whom I will be racing with. Don’t know about Time yet. Could be a new Tardy Rooster team mate. Lots of promises Bob I won’t hold you to any of them…doesn’t matter it will be incredible I am sure!!!!

  6. OK, this looks like FUN! (especially after reading the comments) I’m putting it on my calendar right now! See you there.

    …now to find a team.

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