New winter kits

As the end of the year approaches, we here at Team Virtus are getting into the holiday spirit and considering sporting something a little more festive on our winter rides. Since the blog has been a little quiet lately while we trim our gear with white fur and jingle bells, we thought we’d give you a little sneak peak at our creative process. Enjoy, and feel free to add you own ideas!

kate cxmas




bob santa speedo


adam val


robby elf


casey christmas sweater




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  1. Wow. Adam is definitely fired

  2. Clearly, the photo of me has been photo-shopped. I’d never wear such a thing. And I think the only photos that were NOT tampered with are Kage’s and Adam’s.

    • Clearl Adam posted usin Kate’s login.

      • I assumed somebody posted under her name. This is the first Team-Virtus “Kate Original” post ever. (She’s had posts before but they were run on other blogs first.) I don’t think she’d go with something like this and her first real post on our blog. Would she?

        I think you’re giving Adam too much credit. I think it was one of the brainy team members (I know it wasn’t me) so was it Drew or Luke? Drew is supposed to be the team’s genius, right? (Except for noodle raft building.) But on the other hand, Luke is more the evil genius. Who do you think hacked Kate’s account to bring you this glorious post?

        I have a great picture of Luke from college that I need to get scanned and posted…That will be my Christmas present to you , the readers (but like most gifts, I am sure it will be late…stay tuned).

        • So I’m not brainy?

          • I think you’re “brainy” but Drew’s bio speciafically claims, “Drew West is the brains of the team. He’s an engineer…” So that clearly puts him in the running and Luke was “gifted” as a child and his favorite TV show was Commander Mark and the Secret City (

            I just made it obvious who did this…it was Drew. Nice work man.

            • I don’t know what “speciafically” means, and I can’t find it in the Urban dictionary, either. Thanks for making me feel stupid, asshole.

        • I guess I really like parentheses (I had 4 last comment).

          Do you guys remember the classic Dan Baird song “I Love You Period” ( I loved that song (Although, I am a little embarrassed to admit it).

          (Another comment with 4 parentheses-Cool!)

        • I dunno, I’m pretty sure she did this one by herself; I don’t think anyone else has the patience to photoshop. I’m a little but pissed she didn’t “enhance” my photo, but whatever.

          I just hope she’s prepared for the consequences.

          • Whaat are you talking about? I saw the orignal picture and that one is definitely “enhanced”.

          • Orrrrr, being as thanks to you half of our readers (and certain members of our team) think I’m already in my 50’s, we could just call it even.

            You know, IF I was “brainy” enough to figure out how to Photoshop, since apparently I’m not part of the Virtus Mensa contingent.

            • Hey now, let’s leave your menses out of this. Wait, what?

            • Ew, why go there? You’re just being mean because you had to look up “contingent”. 🙂

            • You age really well. You look great to be in your 50’s. I hope to still be racing a couple of decades from now when I am in my 50’s. I just realized that Team Virtus has it’s very own Golden Girl. It makes sense since we have our very own little “Golden Boy” already.

            • If I could live up to the original Golden Girls, I’d be thrilled.

  3. OK , I may not be a card carrying member of Mensa or have menses like Luke, Bob and Kate but I am smart enough to know that my picture has been photo shopped. I mean there isn’t a couch, desk or pool table in the photo and I would never wear those boots with that outfit for God’s sake.

  4. Lol. I don’t like wearing fishnets though. They start to chafe after a while.

  5. By the way, I doubt Santa’s head really needed to be that big in Bob’s picture. Then again if it was only as big as it needed to be then you wouldn’t have been able to see it.

  6. Hey, now. I never claimed to be brainy. After all, I’m a two-time college drop-out. And Casey, you need to run all possible photos by me before posting them to the blog. I’m quite scared to think what photos you have of me. But I’m not worried. I have the power to control this blog, and I’m not afraid to wield my it.

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