CAC preview


Good morning everyone, Bob Jenkins here, reporting to you via my new cell phone (gasps) regarding the status of CAC2, “The Second Coming”.

As one might expect, the recent snowfall has made course setup..interesting this year. Robby and I went out yesterday to hang our newly acquired and  totally legit CP markers


Personally, I could not be more excited that we no longer have to walk thru the woods carrying lengths of pvc pipe to make orienteering flags.

Things are coming along nicely,  and I have no doubt that this year’s course will be both fun and challenging.

Of note, we placed a flag yesterday that will likely pivotal to CAC victory. It’ll take some savvy navigating to find, and you could literally be standing on top of it and not even know. In fact, I’m completely open to putting a wager on whether or not Team WTFAR will ever locate it on their own with no help or GPS.


That right there is a natural rock arch. There’s no way Garrison is finding that thing.

In other news, a list of all required gear will be posted soon, and I hope you have some thorn-proof pants.


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  1. I’m going to steal Luke’s idea from his potential Illini/Mizzou NCAA bet…I bet a slap to Luke’s face or Todd’s face that we will find all CP’s without any aid whatsoever.

  2. Brian, I’ve been thinking about our Brandon Paul wager and would like to accept.

  3. Didn’t you just give the location of that pivotal flag away with that picture?

  4. Will there be a mayo challenge this year? Bc if so Brian’s toast.

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