CAC2 Gear List

I don’t think I’m being modest when I say the CAC2 has the best orienteering leg of any non-race we’ve ever put together. I can pretty much guarantee everyone, even the seasoned racers, will be impressed with what the CAC2 has to offer. And as much as I’d love to post photos of all the cool stuff you’ll see…I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Rock arch at the CAC2 adventure non-race

That’s a picture of my little brother on a “not so recent” CAC2 scouting mission. Despite the obvious badassery going on in this photo, I can assure you that the picture does absolutely no justice to either the coolness of the rock arch he stands upon,  nor does it depict the deathplunge he would’ve experienced if he’d taken one step backward off of the rock. The CAC2 is supposed to be fun, but there are times when the CAC2 will demand your ultimate respect. Checkpoints have been placed in areas that showcase the land’s natural beauty, but also expose you to a bit of danger. This shit is serious business. (sometimes)

In that light, we’re going to require that you bring a bit of mandatory gear.

Individual Gear for the Entire Race:

  • Backpack with at least 50 ounces of hydration (bladder, bottles, old Boy Scout canteen, whatever)
  • Rain Jacket
  • Blaze-orange vest or scarf or hat (anything blaze-orange) to keep hunters from shooting your ass
  • Wool or Synthetic Stocking Cap
  • Whistle
  • Headlamp w/ fresh batteries
  • Camera (not exactly mandatory, but we’d LOVE to see some photos of our CAC in action)
  • Food

Individual Gear for the Bike Leg:

  • Mountain Bike
  • Helmet
  • Rear-Facing Red Blinking Light
  • Spare Tube

Team Gear for the Entire Race:

  • Compass
  • Fully-Charged Cell Phone in waterproof container (make sure it’s charged!)
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Iodine Tablets or other water treatment method
  • Waterproof Map Case

Team Gear for the Bike Leg:

  • Bike Tool
  • Pump or Inflator
  • Patch Kit

Other Stuff I would bring:

Lawn chair, beer, various forms of pork, a positive attitude, DOG SPRAY, wood splitter, WTFAR repellent, a change of clothes, some clean shoes, Mayonnaise and/or Ranch Dressing for Brian of WTFAR, toilet paper, sunscreen, camera, extra batteries, a blow-up doll for Adam, extra bbq sauce, lip balm, coffee, tent and sleeping bag, extra compass.

That should cover just about everything for now.  Stay tuned for an update on the Gravel Grinder we’re doing on Sunday after the CAC2.

About Bob Jenkins

Crusher of beers.

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  1. I’ve got my positive attitude. Hopefully Adam has the rest covered.

    • Got everything but the first aid kit. I’ll just be a meal for the next mountain lion to wander through the area if I get hurt. And I’ll bring a couple 12 packs of Blue Moon to keep with tradition.

  2. Mayo and Ranch ARE WTFAR repellent.

  3. FYI – it is youth turkey hunting weekend so he isn’t kidding about the blaze orange. Be sure you can be seen and not at all mistaken for a turkey by even the youngest of hunters. So far, the forecast is calling for warmth – fingers crossed since Mother Nature has been a total crack whore this spring.

    Bob – I’m hoping to head to the store tonight for provisions for my “aid station”. Would be great to have a rough count. I hope to be at my spot by around noon so if you select it based on hoping to catch the front of the pack there and being on a road where I can park my car/chair/cooler – that would be great.

    • I think we have 17 or 18 racers. We ordered 20 maps just in case. I’ll talk to Bob about where you should be. And thanks!

    • The course is laid out in such a way that the early morning hunters shouldn’t be bothered by any of us. They’ll be in Denny’s sipping coffee by the time y’all get near them.

      I hope.

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