Super Duper Inspirational Post–A Day in the Life

A dull headache and a ringing alarm start my day. The alarm was set for 6 am with the intent of a morning jog before work. It’s 7:45, and if I don’t get outta bed now I’ll be late for work.

I take a quick pee and step on the scale. It reads 266 pounds and that little part of me dies again.. the same part that died yesterday and the day before. It’ll grow back as the day continues..only to die again tomorrow and the day after that.

I’m finally up and moving, but it’s too late for a morning run and definitely too late for a bike commute. Coffee in hand, I notice the trash can is full of empty beer bottles and some fried chicken boxes.

A quiet drive to work while my running clothes ride shotgun, gathering dust.  Again.  Maybe tomorrow morning I can wake up early. I’ll just hit the trails for a nice run after work… yeah, I’ll do that.

Then  it’s 10-11 hours of (mostly) sitting at a desk before I’m on my way home. A last minute influx of clientele keeps us about an hour past quitting time, so I decide to skip the evening jog… again.

We’re going out with friends tonight, so I rummage around looking for my “nice” clothes. It’s strange… I know I bought these pants, but they seem to belong to a much smaller person. Sucking in my belly fat, I try desperately to buckle a belt that no longer wraps around my body. It’s hard not to laugh about it. Eventually, I give up and wear the shirt untucked.


2 hours later, I’m at a wedding reception with about 100 other people. Leaving the photo booth, I notice a draft circulating through my pants, and look down to see that they’ve ripped open from the crotch past my right knee.  We take the drive of shame back home so I can change into my “good jeans”. I dig through stacks of 36 and 34 inch waistline jeans, (from back in the glory days), in search of my 42’s. It takes a moment, but I find them clean and folded, which is a huge relief since these are the only pants I have left that still fit.

Back at the reception, there’s an endless supply of hotwings, fried shrimp and mixed drinks. These are the obvious source of my obesity, but like a fool I embrace the short-term pleasure they provide. We eat, drink and dance into the night, all while I’m quietly fearful my shirt-buttons could pop off at any moment. Aside from that, it was a wonderful evening with my wife and friends.


See what I mean? Those buttons are begging for mercy

The next morning, I open the world of Facebook and am promptly bombarded with the typical barrage of motivational quotes and inspirational wisdom… you know, the general menu of bullshit associated with the internet.

Quotes like this are just ridiculous.

I ask myself why reposts like this are so trendy. Doesn’t anyone have an original thought anymore? Reposts like these nothing to motivate me, and I have to wonder if they truly motivate anyone. Seriously, you think  puking, fainting and dying are good for your health? I’d rather be fat, thanks.

At long last, I stumble across a really great race report. An Australian recounts his awesome experience during an ultramarathon. This guy’s report is full of honesty, cool Aussie-words.. and even a bit of inspiration. I read it twice, then did something I haven’t done in a long time…I went for a trail run.


the Edgewood trail

There was just as much walking as there was running, but I was out there and it was a good time. I’m pretty sure a new PR was set for most ticks on my body at one time, but other than that it was a very positive experience.


It was more challenging than I would’ve liked. The pace was slow, and every step was an un-subtle reminder that there’s a big, fat belly and a pair of man-tits attached to the front of my body. Today, my back hurts and I’ve got some soreness in the old legs..  but that soreness is a happy reminder that my running clothes aren’t in the passenger seat of my truck anymore. They’re in a sweaty pile on the laundry-room floor. I’m gonna let them sit there until tomorrow when I run again:)

I’ve decided to run at least twice a week for the rest of the summer. I don’t have any kind of training plan, I just want to get outside and do something to make myself feel less like a fat piece of shit. Running, prancercise, biking… whatever. Let’s just get some people together and do something. I’ll post details in the Virtuesday column or Facebook. Anyone who wants to join me, regardless of your athletic ability or fitness level, is more than welcome.


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  1. I feel like I am back at square one more often than not. Any time I put a big goal behind me without another bigger, hairy goal ahead – I kind of find myself stuck to the couch for long periods of time. And reading inspirational race reports (or self-deprecating blog posts) is often what nudges me out the door too. I hope to join you on some of your adventures. I ran Tuesday evening (with an awful lot of walking due to the heat and my poor run fitness) in North JC while my daughter had softball practice. Maybe we can meet up next week if you do your outing early enough (5-ish).

  2. Awesome work brother,

    I am someone who loves to puke and crumple on the floor. I’m also not the fittest of people, but I get out there. I’ve run 100km runs only to realize that these are not for the athletes, but for the determined! Never say never!!!

    Good luck on your journey, but back to the real reason I’m messaging – who is the Australian that got you moving? Who’s blog is that powerful?

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!!!

  3. I think your blog is going to help get a lot of people moving – well written, and well done for getting back out there!

  4. Matty, the guy’s name was Dave Eastham and the blogsite is
    It’s a great writeup and the photos are fantastic.

  5. Yep, great bloke that Eastham! He is awesome!!!

    And that’s only his blog and only one half of the Eastham trouble! There is a brother and together their energy is huge!!!! We love being able to run with them!!!!


  6. Great write up Bob. It absolutely made my week when someone posted the link to your blog. You call a spade a spade. It’s great. Hopefully we can run a trail together sometime and I’ll be reading this blog before my next race for some good genuine inspiration. Cheers mate

  7. You sir are the man! Lets ride sometime soon

  8. Way to go, Bob! I just found this blog after seeing you reached your first goal early and are now doubling down. Keep up the hard work, you are worth it!

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