Well, this is disappointing.

Good afternoon, my friends. It is with a tattoo-free lower back that I announce  my quest to run 100+ miles from June 20th to August 15th has been a successful one. Read ’em and weep:


Actually, I hit 100 on August 7th, which was a private goal I kept to myself and one other person. As one can see from looking at the graph, there was an 8 day stretch where I literally did nothing. I had a lot of lower leg pain and running any more than about 50 feet brought on a lot of calf/shinsplint pain. I finally broke down and ordered a pair of Hokas, which cured about 90% of all those problems. More on that later.

Best purchase of 2013

Best purchase of 2013

The  embarrassing thing is that I truly believed running 50 miles in one month was a monstrous challenge. Almost insurmountable. The truth is..it really wasn’t that hard. I just put my shoes on and dedicated between 10-60 minutes of my day to completing the goal. Using the Beeminder was a huge benefit, but I’d have to say most of my motivation came from my lovely wife when she asked me “what kind of pink panties are you going to wear when you lose the bet.” I ran an extra 2 miles that day, and for the record I would’ve went with boy-shorts. 

As per luke’s part of the bet, he has handily doubled my mileage and dwarfed me in the process. He’s in Colorado as we speak, probalby on a mountain doing something awesome.

His cardio should be other-worldly next weekend.

His cardio should be other-worldly next weekend.

So, this is one of those odd bets where we both win, and you, the reader, loses. I’m honestly torn as to how I should feel about this, but I think there’s a solution.

Robby, Travis and Kate are also going to Thunder Rolls. It only seems fair they have to duke it out somehow, and I’d like to hear your thoughts on how we should make that happen.  Or maybe you want us to do another running bet “to the death’ for the Castlewood race later this year; I don’t know..let your imagination run wild.

Either way, let your thoughts be heard. I’ll be at work all weekend and likely bored out of my mind.

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  1. Bob this another fantastic entry. Well done mate! You guys are both inspirational – now you both know.

  2. I think since it’s a tie you should BOTH wear pink panties.

  3. I’m very proud of you both. Congratulations. I also have no explanation for the poor grammar in my prior post.

  4. Just so everyone knows, Bob could have passed me and won this bet. But he knew I was tapering to be a pacer at Leadville, and he’s too nice of a guy. So once he smashed his goal, he took it easy on me. What a guy. We could all learn something from Bob.

    And Bob, great job on crushing your goal, man!

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