Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Four

Here’s the update of Stage 4 of the Tour of Sufferlandria. You can catch up with stages one, two, and three if you want.

This morning I had to wake up a little before 4:00 AM for work, so I didn’t get enough sleep. My legs felt super heavy. I was already dreading the ride I was going to be doing later in the day. But after moving around at work, my legs started to feel a bit better, though still heavy and tired.

I had to squeeze in Stage Four – “Nine Hammers” – between shifts today, so I was riding solo again. “Nine Hammers” is one of the newest Sufferfest Videos, and it is, in my opinion, one of the hardest. It involves nine VO2 and Threshold intervals, and it’s an ass kicker. I was NOT looking forward to this one.

My legs did not want to cooperate during the warm-up, but the first Hammer surprisingly wasn’t horrible. I actually felt pretty damn good through the first seven intervals, in fact. But then those last two Hammers… Oh man, those last two really got to me. I thought I was gonna die. It sucked. In a good way. Sort of.

End of stage 4 of Tour of Sufferlandria

This is not a real smile despite how natural it looks.

I messaged Robby and Adam to tell them how well the first 7 Hammers went and how horrible the final 2 were. Robby later finished his own “Nine Hammers.”

The Darkness at Stage 4

Robby looks like I probably did at the end of Nine Hammers.

And then a few minutes later, The Darkness sent me this photo:

Fake smile at Tour of Sufferlandria

Also a fake smile despite how natural it looks. We are very good actors.

At the time of this writing, I haven’t heard from Adam on how his Stage 4 has gone. Maybe he hasn’t yet done it, but I’m sure he’ll make it happen.

I once again used TrainerRoad in conjunction with the Sufferfest to make sure I was suffering enough. And once again, I had to go harder than the numbers suggested on the high intensity VO2 stuff, but the numbers were dead-on for the threshold stuff. Take a look:

nine hammers at the Tour of Sufferlandria

Blue is the target, yellow is what I actually hit.

So Stage 4 is in the books. We’re almost halfway through the Tour of Sufferlandria. Tomorrow we head for the mountains which brings our first real climbing stage: “Angels.” Adam and I are going to try to meet up for this one. It should be a painfully good time.

Suffer on, my friends.

Update: Read about Stage Five (and how I wrecked my bike… inside… on a trainer.)

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  1. The last 2 were killers!

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