Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Seven (And a Super Century Reminder)

Robby and I did Stage 7 together today. It was The Sufferfest’s “The Rookie” where we had to go through three race simulations as Robby and I had tried (and succeeded of course) to make a pro team. This video is one of the newer options, and it provides some great point-of-view footage.

After the first six Stages (which you can catch up on by starting with Stage 1), my legs felt pretty good, all things considered. For whatever reason, this Stage felt like the easiest one for me. I’m guessing this is by design since tomorrow’s Stage and Sunday’s stage are going to be brutal.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say it was the easiest Stage of the Tour. We still suffered and lost a lot of Holy Water. So much so that I think I need to put a cover on my Brooks Saddle before tomorrow’s Stage. And I even managed to squeak out one medal for power on TrainerRoad on the final sprint.

The Rookie on TrainerRoad

It’s always better to suffer with a friend by my side. Sadly, we’ve been unable to ride with Adam thus far, but that will change tomorrow. Adam and I will be doing the most feared Stage (3 high intensity interval videos back to back to back) together tomorrow, but Robby will be on his own for this one because of other commitments.

End of Stage 7 of the Tour of Sufferlandria

Robby is drinking like an Orrin Gootin, and I’m… I don’t even know.

Then on Sunday, all three of us will be getting together on Sunday for the longest video in the Sufferfest lineup, ISLAGIATT (It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time), at 2 hours.

And then, to make it even harder and more stupid, we’ll continue onward until we hit 100 Km, or 62 miles – whichever comes first, to complete the 4th annual Super Century, or maybe it’ll be a Suffer Century this year since it comes at the end of the Tour. Anyone else want to join us for that? You know you want to.

Be sure to tweet and facebook at us by using #SuperCentury and/or #MyTaintHurts and/or even #SufferCentury. There really are no rules, but the idea is to suffer on your trainer together apart for a metric century on Super Bowl Sunday so we can all eat and drink whatever we want and not worry about it. So, there you go.

Let us know if you’re going to join us. And wish us luck for the next two grueling Stages.

Until tomorrow, suffer on, my friends.

(Update: Stage Eight is done.)


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