Virtuesdays are Back

The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.


Being as I have moved to the St. Louis area, I suppose it’s time we established an East-side (of Missouri) Virtuesday tradition.

In addition to the weekly Thursday night ride, there will now be a gravel ride leaving from the Mound every Tuesday at 6:30. Distances and effort levels will vary, but the level of awesomeness will remain at a solid 10 out of 10…unless Chuck brings another flask of his homemade booze, in which case the Awesomeness will be elevated to 11 out of 10.

Tonight’s ride will be approximately 20 miles long at a moderate pace.

The only 2 requirements for these rides are as follows:

1.) If you’re a dickhead, don’t show up.

2.) We like to have a craft beer potluck after these rides, so bring a few bottles/cans of something to share with the group.

People of ALL fitness levels and body types are more than welcome to join us.


Super shitty photo taken after last week’s ride


About Bob Jenkins

Crusher of beers.

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  1. Excellent work resurrecting VirTuesdays. Those of us on the Mid-Side of MO need to do the same. Although, Wednesdays might work better for me.

    • I know there’s a group of folks riding gravel out here on wednesday, but I’m trying to get at least two 20 mile-ish rides during the week and a longer one on Saturday. I guess as long as we’re all out doing shit, it doesn’t matter what day we do it.

      We had a full moon last night, so headlamps only came on when cars were nearby. There were a few surprise potholes/crushed testicles, but the ride was great.

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