DB Bikepack – Part 2

Go back for Part 1 if you missed it.

Part way through our cozy night by the fire, a second photo was taken. Judging by Luke’s enthusiastic smile he was having one of the best dreams of his life.IMG_5954.JPG Maybe that smile had something to do with Bob waking up in his hammock instead of by the fire?

Luke: Best night’s sleep I’ve had in a loooong time.


Coffee was made.

must have coffee.jpg

And coffee was drained.


All of us were a little jealous of Jessie’s breakfast as we ate our crappy cups of oatmeal.

Luke: Thank God Bob didn’t eat chili.


The second day ride plan was to continue north out of the Daniel Boone area then turn south again on Massas Creek road.  Massas creek is one of Team Virtus’ favorite gravel rides with several wet creek crossings, sections of barely graded deep chunky gravel, and gradually downhill all the way to the KATY.

Luke: This was my first ride on Massas Creek Road, and it did not disappoint. So much fun.

One of the larger creek crossings was challenging for the loaded bikes with skinny tires.  Luke and I got stuck in the deep loose gravel and watched Bob and Jessie make it across on their fatter mtn bike tires. luke chuck creek.jpg

It didn’t take much encouragement to talk Bob into attempting to ride back across on a skinny tire bike, which almost ended with a giant splash.

Luke: I’d like to point out that Bob made fun of us for not successfully riding across the whole creek. Well, on my bike Bob didn’t make it either.

bob creek.jpg

The rest of the morning ride continued down Massas Creek road with all of its cool creek crossings and amazing scenery

massas creek.jpg

After a few hours of riding we made it back to the cars and finished in a group sprint to see who could ‘tag’ the parked cars first.  Luke powered his way into the lead and slapped his van for the win.  Maybe someday we’ll understand how Bob missed slapping his truck and instead crashed into Jessie’s car, crushing his junk, and leaving a face-print on her window.

Luke: I didn’t see it happen, but I definitely heard it.

bob crash.jpg

We finished the weekend out by stuffing our faces with Champs Chicken in the Loutre Market dining room (pretty high class btw), and started planning the next bikepack.

Luke: I heart bikepacking.

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  1. Meh, meh, meh, and meh. 1 for each of you.

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