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OMGNAPNA! (OMG, Not Again! Please Not Again!) – The Super Century 2015

It is with a sense of deep, dark dread that I inform you the Super Century is once again taking place next week on Super Bowl Sunday. I’ve waited as long as I could to post this, hoping that I would come to my senses and stop this madness. But alas, we are all going to suffer together apart once again for the 5th annual Super Century.

Robby is thrilled about another Super Century.

For those of you who’ve no idea what I’m talking about, let me just say that it might be the worst idea we’ve ever come up with. Actually, my stupid brother, Casey, came up with it, and then all of us took it and ran (or rode) with it. If you want to read about how the very first Super Century got started, you can do so here.

Here’s the basic info:

Who: You and your stupid, sadistic friends if you’re stupid gluttons for punishment like us

What: A metric century (62 miles) on the trainer

When: Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th, anytime you want really, but most of us will be starting around 8:30 AM

Where: Wherever the hell you want to suffer

Why: Because we’re stupid and also so we can eat whatever we want guilt-free during the Super Bowl

If you are dumb enough to join us in this terrible idea, be sure to hit us up on the book of faces and the twitterverse. And don’t forget to use #SuperCentury and #MyTaintHurts in your posts so we’ll see them. That way we can all suffer together apart virtually. It’s fun… Sort of… But not really…

Robby, Adam, and me at the end of the Super Century 2015 and the Tour of Sufferlandria 2015.

And for those of you who are certifiably insane, you can also take part in the Tour of Sufferlandria 2015 which starts Saturday the 6th. It will add a lot of pain and sufferng to your whole week, and it will make the Super Century even worse, if that’s even possible.

Robby, Adam, and I took part in the Tour of Sufferlandria last year, and you can read about the first of nine stages right here. And if you don’t want to read about all nine stages, you should at least take a look at my sweet bloody elbow from crashing on my trainer.

Last year, the Tour of Sufferlandria ended on Super Bowl Sunday. This year, however, the Tour starts the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday, so the Super Century coincides with the second stage of the ToS. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse, but I’m sure it’s not good either way.

So let us know if you want to join us, you psycohpaths. Let’s suffer together.

Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Nine + the Super Century

I’m sad and happy, exhausted and energized. The Tour of Sufferlandria is over (you can start at the beginning right here). I’m sad because it’s over, and super happy to have finished it. I’m completely worn out after 9 straight days of suffering, my legs especially, yet I feel great, almost supercharged in a way. It’s weird.

Start of Stage 9 of the Tour of Sufferlandria

Ready to go. Rockin’ the old-school TV jerseys.

Adam and I went over to Robby’s house to suffer together. On tap for the final stage of the Tour was “ISLAGIATT,” the longest video in the Sufferfest lineup. “ISLAGIATT” stands for “It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.”

I borrowed Robby’s Speed/Cadence Sensor and Adam’s Dongle again (see Stage 8 for that explanation), so I was fully hooked up to TrainerRoad for Stage 9.

I really liked “ISLAGIATT.” It didn’t feel like 2 hours even though there were 4 tough “climbs” and some attacks and fast spinning throughout. I even managed to hit 5 personal bests in Virtual Power!

All three of us were drenched with Holy Water, but we made it to the end, and finished our Tour. We finished “ISLAGIATT” with 31.52 miles.

Tour of Sufferlandria finale

The end of the Tour: 3 Virtusans and now 3 Sufferlandrians.

But our day was not over. For we had to continue on and finish the 4th annual Super Century. There were far fewer participants this year. As far as I know, it was just the three of us, my brother and teammate Casey in NY, and our friend and Virtusite, Christina.

That was kind of a bummer. There was very little back and forth on the interwebz via Twitter and Facebook. It was much less fun this year because of that. Although, it’s never exactly fun, but when we know there are more people suffering out there with us, it makes it a lot better.

We watched “Bicycle Dreams” to finish the Super Century, and it was really good. Those dudes and dudettes are nuts. The movie ended when we only had about a mile left. Almost perfect timing.

We stopped at the 45 minute mark for short break – to save our taints and refill our water bottles and to drink a delicious smoothie courtesy of Mrs. The Darkness – DELICIOUS! Then we stopped again at about an hour and 20 minutes in for the same reasons. Then we finished it up strong, although the last 8 miles or so were pretty shitty.

Super Century Complete

Super Century complete!

The Tour of Sufferlandria was so much more than I could have imagined. I’ll try to put together a recap post when I gather all my thoughts on the Tour in the next few days.


It’s weird to not have a Stage to get ready for tomorrow. But this Tour came at the perfect time for me. I’ll take the next week to recover, and then I’ll take the following week to get ready for our first race of the year: The Rocheport Roubaix.

Soon, I’m heading back to Robby’s house for some hard-earned food and drink while watching the Super Bowl Commercials (since my beloved Bears decided to give someone else a chance at the Championship, I don’t really care who wins).

If you’ve followed along all through this Tour, you have serious issues. But thanks for reading.

Team Virtus is Headed to the Tour! (And Guess What’s Back This Year)

That’s right, ladies and gents. Team Virtus will be riding in the Tour this year! No, not that Tour. Pffft! That’s for mere mortals and dopers. We’ll be riding in the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation in the Whole Wide World. And it’s gonna hurt.

Robby “The Darkness” Brown and I have qualified for stupidly signed up for The 3rd Annual Tour of Sufferlandria (ToS), and we’re hoping others will join us for nine days of suffering on the trainer. That’s right, on the trainer. Stage after stage of brutal, indoor rides with The Sufferfest Videos that we all love to hate.

Sufferfest BTC

Here is one of our Bike Torture Chambers (BTC) for the Tour of Sufferlandria.

Not familiar with The Sufferfest Videos? They’re the only things that make riding the trainer not just tolerable, but almost enjoyable in a sick, twisted kind of way. And they have already made me a stronger rider over just a couple of months. Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews of their videos in a future blog post.

Race number of the Tour of Sufferlandria

Here is my race number for the Tour.

The ToS isn’t just about suffering, though. It’s about raising funds for the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s. You can help me raise funds right here. As a bonus, for every $10 I raise and donate, I get an entry into a drawing for some really great prizes ranging from a sweet bike tour trip and carbon wheels to helmets, sunglasses, signed jerseys form the pros, and more!

Tour of Sufferlandria Race Number

Here is Robby’s Race number for the Tour.

I’ve also decided to try out TrainerRoad to track my stages on the Tour. I’ve only dabbled with TrainerRoad thus far, but it’s really cool. Using a speed/cadence sensor along with my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Trainer, I’ve calculated my (embarrassingly low) “Virtual Power” Functional Threshold Performance (FTP). So now, I can more accurately ride each stage as The Sufferfest intended.

Basically, this means I can suffer more and slack off less. I think I’m going to love it, and I think it will really help me track my workouts, stay focused on each stage, and improve my performance. I’ll do a review of TrainerRoad after the Tour is over – if I survive anyway.

Here is our BTC #2

Here is our BTC #2

The Tour starts this weekend on January 24th and ends on Sunday, February 1st… Super Bowl Sunday… And you know what that means. That’s right. It’s baaaaaaaack…

The 4th Annual SUPER CENTURY!

Yes, we’ve done a metric century (100Km or 62 miles – whichever comes first) for the previous 3 years on Super Bowl Sunday, and we’re doing it again. Read this to see how this horrible idea all started.

The Tour of Sufferlandria just so happens to end on Super Bowl Sunday. And the Tour just so happens to finish with their longest video – ISLAGIATT – which is 2 hours long. So that should give us a good start, but then we’ll just keep on riding until we hit the metric century mark.

Hopefully, we can find some like-minded idiots other brave souls to suffer with us in person for the Super Century. You should too. But you can also suffer together alone with us via our facebook page and on twitter. Use and look for #SuperCentury and #MyTaintHurts. Stay tuned for more details on when we’ll actually start the Super Century on Super Bowl Sunday so we can all be idiots at the same time.

Let us know if you’re doing the Tour. And let us know if you’re doing the Super Century. And definitely let us know if you’re foolish enough to do both the Tour of Sufferlandria and the Super Century.

This is gonna hurt. Can’t wait.

Let’s Suffer Alone Together Again – Super Century 3

My taint already hurts as I type these words, and you know what that means. That’s right, boys and girls. The Super Century is here, so it’s once again time for us to put on our Bad Idea Jeans and destroy our taints in the name of stupid challenges.

You can find out how the Super Century all started right here, but if you’re too lazy to click that link, I’ll give you the general idea of what the Super Century is:

  • What: a trainer ride of at least a metric century – 100 km (or 62 miles if you don’t want to do any mathematicizing)
  • When: Super Bowl Sunday – February 2nd at 8:00 AM Central (a later start this year!)
  • Why: Because we’re idiots and doing dumb stuff is fun… Sort of. And after the ride, we can eat whatever we want during the big game and not feel guilty.
  • Who: Anyone who is dumb enough to do this, and if you’re reading this, then that means YOU!
  • Where: Anywhere you want.  You can do it alone or get together with a group.
  • Other Options: Ride a metric century outside (although that’s not nearly as stupid); Do 100 or more pull ups; Ride the trainer for 100 minutes; Do 1000 bodyweight squats; Run 100 minutes; Some other stupid idea.
  • Hashtags to Use: #SuperCentury; #BadIdeas; #MyTaintHurts

Be sure to hit us up on our facebook page and/or Tweet at us with the above hashtags so we can all “enjoy” everyone else’s suffering while we are deep inside our own pain caves.  Post up photos, jokes, rants, videos or whatever else will entertain us  and distract us from our own misery.

Also, I’d love to hear some recommendations on what movies or shows to watch during the Super Century.  Winning choices from the previous two years are Step Brothers, Race Across the Sky, Ride the Divide, and The Big Lebowski.  So please give us some ideas for what we should watch.

This may be a terrible idea, but it’s also great mental training for Cedar Cross, The Ogre, and of course Dirty Kanza.  C’mon… You know you want to do it.  So, who’s joining us?

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