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Help Bob Help Babies

We all know Bob.  We all love Bob.  I mean, what’s not to love?  He’s handsome, charismatic, funny, kind, and hygienic (usually… well, sometimes… if you’re lucky).  And now we have one more reason to love this man.

You see, he’s riding for a reason at the 24 Hours of Syllamo race on April 10th.  I’ve already pledged what I could (what can I say, I’m poor), so see if you can help him out by forking out a donation.  Or better yet, pledge to donate some money for every lap that Bob does to motivate him to complete even more laps (each lap is 10.5 miles with around 2400 feet of climbing and descending EACH lap!).

Be sure to check out his post right here to see what it’s all about, and help him out if you can.  If you don’t, look at how Bob will feel:

Sad Bob

Please don't make Bob cry - Help him out.

Something to Consider

It’s 24 hours of Syllamo. I’m not sure if I can medically handle this, (epilepsy and all), but I think if we trained a bit and worked on the nutrition aspect we could really do well….especially since there is a clydesdale class.

Race info can be found here:

I want 2010 to be the year that I do some really serious endurance shit. This looks to be about as punishing as it gets.

Who’s with me?

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