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OMGNAPNA! (OMG, Not Again! Please Not Again!) – The Super Century 2015

It is with a sense of deep, dark dread that I inform you the Super Century is once again taking place next week on Super Bowl Sunday. I’ve waited as long as I could to post this, hoping that I would come to my senses and stop this madness. But alas, we are all going to suffer together apart once again for the 5th annual Super Century.

Robby is thrilled about another Super Century.

For those of you who’ve no idea what I’m talking about, let me just say that it might be the worst idea we’ve ever come up with. Actually, my stupid brother, Casey, came up with it, and then all of us took it and ran (or rode) with it. If you want to read about how the very first Super Century got started, you can do so here.

Here’s the basic info:

Who: You and your stupid, sadistic friends if you’re stupid gluttons for punishment like us

What: A metric century (62 miles) on the trainer

When: Super Bowl Sunday, February 7th, anytime you want really, but most of us will be starting around 8:30 AM

Where: Wherever the hell you want to suffer

Why: Because we’re stupid and also so we can eat whatever we want guilt-free during the Super Bowl

If you are dumb enough to join us in this terrible idea, be sure to hit us up on the book of faces and the twitterverse. And don’t forget to use #SuperCentury and #MyTaintHurts in your posts so we’ll see them. That way we can all suffer together apart virtually. It’s fun… Sort of… But not really…

Robby, Adam, and me at the end of the Super Century 2015 and the Tour of Sufferlandria 2015.

And for those of you who are certifiably insane, you can also take part in the Tour of Sufferlandria 2015 which starts Saturday the 6th. It will add a lot of pain and sufferng to your whole week, and it will make the Super Century even worse, if that’s even possible.

Robby, Adam, and I took part in the Tour of Sufferlandria last year, and you can read about the first of nine stages right here. And if you don’t want to read about all nine stages, you should at least take a look at my sweet bloody elbow from crashing on my trainer.

Last year, the Tour of Sufferlandria ended on Super Bowl Sunday. This year, however, the Tour starts the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday, so the Super Century coincides with the second stage of the ToS. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse, but I’m sure it’s not good either way.

So let us know if you want to join us, you psycohpaths. Let’s suffer together.

Just for fun Friday – How do You Train Through the Winter Edition

In case you missed it on our facebook page (you can “Like” us on the right hand side of this page, by the way), I just received a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Trainer from the best parents in the world (Thanks again Mom and Dad!). Check it out:


I have a few questions for you guys, though. If you have a trainer, how do you use it? Intervals? Long, slow rides? Shorter race-pace rides? Only when it’s snowing or raining or below freezing?

Also, how do you make it less boring? Do you watch movies? Listen to music or audiobooks? Work on your mental toughness by staring at the wall and suffering? Or do you do group “rides” with others on trainers to suffer together?

Speaking of suffering, has anyone ever tried any of the videos from The Sufferfest? Robby has one and really likes it, and I was thinking about trying one out. It looks like a painfully “fun” way to become a stronger rider.


Or have you used any other training videos? Anyone know anything about the “Spinervals” videos?

Robby, Bob, and I are planning on getting together for some group “suffer fests” on the trainers very soon (and anyone else is welcome to join us… Even Adam). We’ll let you know how it goes.

And what else do you do to train through the winter? Seriously, we want to know. Let’s get some feedback here, people! I’m talking to you! If you’ve been lurking on our blog without commenting, then we want to hear from you. Yes, you!

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