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A Familiar Chill

It doesn’t seem so long ago when I was scouring the internet in search of something a little more challenging. I’d done a few bike races here and there, but there was this nagging itch to do something more… something that maybe I wasn’t capable of.  I wanted to test myself.

A Google search found me looking at something called the “Bonk Hard Chill“. 20-35 miles of mountain biking, 8-15 miles of trekking and 5-10 miles in a canoe while looking for checkpoints with a map and compass. The required gear list included a flare gun… a FLARE GUN!!!

Hmm… too bad I couldn’t read a map and had never run for more than 2 miles… or been sober in a canoe. Add to that, I knew absolutely no one who was willing to partner up.

So I turned to my teammates at Team Red Wheel and posted this. There were no takers from the actual “team”, but if you scroll to the 7th comment you’ll bear witness to the birth of what would later evolve into Team Virtus. It was like peanut butter and jelly coming together for the first time. I think it benefited our training that we were strangers at the time and were both terrified of being the team anchor. These were the days before armonkey, so we started our own accountability log on TRW.

Of course, this is all history leading to a story that’s already been told. I ‘spose my true point is that Luke and I will see you next weekend at the 2011 Bonk Hard Chill. We are heavily unprepared and I am personally about 40 pounds fatter than when we did the race last time. (I’ve got a better bike tho)

Maybe you want to go and don’t have a partner? Maybe you do have a partner but you’re scared shitless of being lost in the woods? Need to borrow some gear?  Post your thoughts in the comments section and see if there’s someone else who wants to “Chill”. You never know, you might just find yourself surrounded by a new group of friends.

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