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CX Finale and Moonlighting Bob

Seasons greetings to all of you loyal Virtusites!  It’s Christmas (and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and anything else you may celebrate) time.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that tonight is the final cyclocross race here in Jefferson City at Binder Park, brought to you by Respect the Ride Foundation.  The race starts at 6:15, so bring your light and come on out for the grand finale in the series.  The top two in the series standings will be decided tonight between our good friends Christopher Bopp and Barry Volmer.  Much fun will be had, and schwag will be given away!  Don’t miss it.  Check out the info right here.

I’ll be there for sure.  Bob should be there as well.  With Christmas coming, though, Bob has been moonlighting at the mall this year for some extra cash.  If he can find a fill-in to work for him, then he’ll be there for sure.


Bob as Santa Claus

Bob goes all-out for his second job as Santa

It’s only 5 bucks (for a great cause – bicycle education and advocacy), and the race is always a really great time.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.  And if you’re lucky, Bob will let you sit on his lap.  We hope to see you there.

$5 buys a lot of pain…and fun

This last thursday marked the 2nd edition of local cyclocross racing in Jefferson City. I missed out on last week’s race because of work issues, but was super psyched to toe the line last night with about…9 other people?

How it went down:

I rolled into the parking lot just as Luke was getting registered, and it wasnt long before Barry and Bopp showed up. There was also a vanload of dudes from Walt’s bike shop and a CBC rider in attendance, so as far as I’m concerned the race was a sucess.

Why there weren’t more TRW racers there is a mystery to me; I would have to think that by now everyone knows about this race series. I’ll just assume that any TRW cross racer not in attendance for a $5 race at “our park” is intimidated by my blistering speed and good looks.

The course had quite a bit of straightaway with minimal winding turns.  Not exactly the kind of cross course we’re accustomed to, but there was enough to keep everyone entertained. Mostly it was smooth grass with a few good climbs, a full-sized pair of uphill barriers and a triple set of short barriers.

Link to course layout

Aaron fired his starter pistol and the race was underway. I was unable to get clipped in right away, so I lost some ground early. Given the competition, I knew I only had about 5 minutes worth of “badass” in me, so I decided to make the most of it.  I sprinted until I was even with the 1st place rider, (Mizzou guy), and politely explained to him that I’d like to take the lead at least thru turn 1.

He graciously moved his skinny ass out of the way and I took the lead. Classy guy, I say. I enjoyed approximately 3 seconds of cyclocross glory leading the group into turn 1, but picked a really stupid line way too far  inside and wound up having to swing wide off the course to keep the rubber down. This drew much laughter from the “peloton”, but I managed to make my way back onto course in 3rd position behind Mr Vollmer.

Not long after that, Chris Bopp came whistling past me… just like old times. I couldn’t help but smile and think back on all the CX races we had done together in the past, those really were some good times.

Hard to believe that was in 2008

I still think he shaved his eyebrows for that race, but I’m not sure why.

Then I saw Bopp do something I hadn’t seen him do before during a race: He washed out his front wheel and bit the dirt right in front of me. I mean to say his bike went one way and he went  the other… it was really a sight to behold.  This drew many more laughs from the “peloton,” (and myself), but I knew he’d be bringing the thunder now. The Bopper is always faster after he wrecks.

I was having a great first lap, running 2nd and within a few feet of 1st. The triple set of barriers was coming up and I have to admit I was completely unconcerned with them. The plan was to bunny hop and sprint…it didn’t happen. I cleared the first one, but somehow managed to go OTB on the next…landing a perfect Tencious D powerslide.

Ok, so maybe it didn't look this cool

Ouch on the knees.

Oh well, being in front was fun while it lasted. After that, I took my rightful place in the lineup…no-man’s land. It never fails, I’m always really far ahead of the guys behind me and really far behind the guys in front. I raced hard anyway, because you never know when someone else might crash:)

Nearing the start/finish line, I remember lamenting the absence of beer handups and drunken fanfare. Lo and behold, Nick Smith jumped out of  the bushes and sprayed me down with delicious Keystone Light. That shit was cold….although I’m not sure how he managed to somehow only douse me in the crotch. It all seemed a bit pre-meditated if you ask me.

Anyone seeking to know proper beer-douching etiquette may refer to the photo below. I’m sure we all remember the day this photo was taken because it was the Rim Wrecker, (my first mtb race) where  I dominated Corey Case.

Those really were the glory days

Lap 2, Nick’s beer spraying precision got a little better, dousing me in the face and jersey. I even got some beer in the mouth..not bad work. When I came around for lap 3, we had all the kinks worked out and I received a 1/2 FULL can of Keystone.

I do love cyclocross.

5 laps came and went. I have no idea who won, but I think everyone had a good time. Results should be posted soon at

I’ve already put in a time off request so I can compete in this week’s race. I’m bringing a case of beer, a fire pit and the uncanny ability to have an awesome time getting my ass kicked by strangers and friends.

Binder–Thursday nights at 615–$5

Be there

Mid MO Cyclocross – No Really – For Real!

If you live in Mid Missouri, then listen up.  I know we’ve all lamented the fact that we had to drive over an hour (sometimes 2 or more) to get to any Cyclocross races.  While Cross races are always a blast, we’ve all wished that we had some races closer to home.  Well, you don’t have to wish any longer.  Cyclocross has finally come to Mid-MO!!!

Bob's run up at a Cyclocross race

Painfully fun

And you won’t have to wait very long for the Cross races to get to Jefferson City, because the series starts this Thursday… as in TOMORROW!  The good people at Respect the Ride Foundation are putting on a series of Cross races right here at Binder park every Thursday night from October 21st through December 2nd (excluding Thanksgiving on Nov 25th).

Zack CX

And listen to this… It’s only FIVE BUCKS!  Seriously.  You need to be there.  Never done CX before?  Come on out.  Experienced rider?  Come on out.  Elite pro?  You guessed it.  Come on out.  Seriously… We’ve waited a long time to get something like this in Jefferson City, so let’s help grow the sport and biking in general in the Mid-Missouri area.  Check it out!!

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