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Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Six

Quick update today. Read about the other Stages by going to the first one and proceeding from there if you want.

After yesterday’s wreck (yes, I wrecked my bike on the trainer… Lot’s of people do it!), I had to pick up my bike from the shop with a new spoke and trued wheel so I could squeeze the Sufferfest’s “Local Hero” between my shifts at work.


This Stage hurt. But that’s not surprising, is it? The “recovery” throughout “Local Hero” was at a 4 out of 10 which never felt like much of a recovery. Other videos have recovery at a level 2 or 3. Not this one, though.

I was disappointed with how sluggish my legs felt today since they had felt so surprisingly good yesterday (the wreck not withstanding). And since this video is nearly an hour and a half, the suffering was longer than the last 3 Stages.

The pyramids were especially terrible, and the last four sprints were even worse, but I managed to set 4 power records on this ride using TrainerRoad.

Local Hero Stage 6 at Tour of Sufferlandria

After finishing the ride, I was short on time, low on energy, and completely out of shits to give. So I forgot to snap a photo of myself after the ride. But here’s one of The Darkness after he finished his ride:

Robby Stage 6 TOS

We can only assume Adam is keeping up with the Tour, but he doesn’t get on the Facebooks much to keep us updated.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow brings “The Rookie” which is just under an hour. And the the final two Stages… Ugh! I don’t even wanna think about it yet.

Until tomorrow, suffer on, my friends.

(Update: Stage Seven is done.)

Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Five (The One with the Wreck)

I donated not only “Holy Water” to Stage Five of the Tour of Sufferlandria, but some blood as well. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

We’re now just over halfway through the Tour. The toughest stages are still ahead of us, though. You can read about Stages One, Two, Three, and Four if you want to see how those went down.

This morning my legs felt pretty damn good. They were a bit heavy and tired, but this is probably as good as my legs have felt since right before Stage One. I chalk that up to good nutrition, adequate sleep, foam rolling, and perhaps even gaining some fitness and strength (although I expected those gains to come after a recovery week or two).

So, I was pretty stoked with how I was feeling. I was ready to crush the first mountain stage of the Tour, The Sufferfest’s “Angels 2015” video. The short warm-up went well. Then the 10 minutes of Over/Unders (1 min just over threshold followed by 1 minute just under threshold) hurt more than I thought they would, but I still felt really good.

Then the first 8-minute climb hit me. It started to hurt, but it wasn’t terrible. Toward the end of that first climb, though, I stood up -as instructed by the video – and started climbing hard. That’s when this happened:

crashing on the trainer at the Tour of Sufferlandria

No, I wasn’t on rollers. I was on a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Trainer.

Let me preface this by saying this is completely my fault, and I am a dumb ass. My wife has asked me (several times) to move my bike over out of the way when I’m done so she’ll have more room to workout. You see, my Bike Torture Chamber (BTC) is also my weight room in the basement where she also trains. But I always seem to forget to move the bike over. That’s probably because I can barely stand up after each Stage of this Tour.

Last night, my wife moved the bike over while I was at work. Today, I didn’t even think about checking it again. I just hopped on and started riding. Well, apparently, the bike was not completely secure in the trainer. Again, completely my fault for not checking it before the ride.

As I stood toward the end of that first climb, my bike fell out of the trainer and I went down hard (TWSS). I didn’t see it coming at all, and I was shocked when it happened.

How in the hell did I just crash on my fucking trainer?!

As evidenced in the photo above, my elbow took the brunt of the fall, landing on my weight bar next to me. I jumped up and paused TrainerRoad and the video. Then I tried to throw my bike back on the trainer, and that’s when I noticed that my bike did not go unscathed. A water bottle cage was destroyed.

destroyed water bottle cage

Honestly, I’m not sure how this bottle cage became so mangled.

I shoved the bottle cage up into the one in front of it so it would be out of my way. That’s when I noticed I had also broken a spoke. Sonofabitch! I quickly wrapped the broken spoke around the one next to it.

Broken spoke at the Tour of Sufferlandria

Yes, if you look closely through the spokes, those are drops of blood on the floor.

I turned the crank a few times and noticed the wheel was a bit wobbly. Damn it! But this was the effing Tour of Sufferlandria! So I hopped on the bike and continued the Stage. My elbow hurt a bit, but that pain was soon drowned out by the pain of the next two brutal climbs. They hurt so good.

Part of me worried that this ride wouldn’t count since some might argue I had a “break” during the video. But then I asked myself: Did I suffer? And my answer to that is: Hell yes, I suffered! So in my book, it counts.

angels 2015 at the Tour of Sufferlandria

Blue is the target, yellow is what I actually did.

Now, I’ll celebrate by filling up my brand new Championship Mug that just arrived for winning my 2014 Fantasy Baseball League. Mmm mmm! Beer is gonna taste so much better out of this bad boy!

fantasy baseball beer mug trophy

I have not yet received word from Robby or Adam about how their Stage 5 went. They both had to work today, so they probably have to do it later tonight.

Until tomorrow, suffer on, my friends.

(Update: Stage Six is done.)

Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Four

Here’s the update of Stage 4 of the Tour of Sufferlandria. You can catch up with stages one, two, and three if you want.

This morning I had to wake up a little before 4:00 AM for work, so I didn’t get enough sleep. My legs felt super heavy. I was already dreading the ride I was going to be doing later in the day. But after moving around at work, my legs started to feel a bit better, though still heavy and tired.

I had to squeeze in Stage Four – “Nine Hammers” – between shifts today, so I was riding solo again. “Nine Hammers” is one of the newest Sufferfest Videos, and it is, in my opinion, one of the hardest. It involves nine VO2 and Threshold intervals, and it’s an ass kicker. I was NOT looking forward to this one.

My legs did not want to cooperate during the warm-up, but the first Hammer surprisingly wasn’t horrible. I actually felt pretty damn good through the first seven intervals, in fact. But then those last two Hammers… Oh man, those last two really got to me. I thought I was gonna die. It sucked. In a good way. Sort of.

End of stage 4 of Tour of Sufferlandria

This is not a real smile despite how natural it looks.

I messaged Robby and Adam to tell them how well the first 7 Hammers went and how horrible the final 2 were. Robby later finished his own “Nine Hammers.”

The Darkness at Stage 4

Robby looks like I probably did at the end of Nine Hammers.

And then a few minutes later, The Darkness sent me this photo:

Fake smile at Tour of Sufferlandria

Also a fake smile despite how natural it looks. We are very good actors.

At the time of this writing, I haven’t heard from Adam on how his Stage 4 has gone. Maybe he hasn’t yet done it, but I’m sure he’ll make it happen.

I once again used TrainerRoad in conjunction with the Sufferfest to make sure I was suffering enough. And once again, I had to go harder than the numbers suggested on the high intensity VO2 stuff, but the numbers were dead-on for the threshold stuff. Take a look:

nine hammers at the Tour of Sufferlandria

Blue is the target, yellow is what I actually hit.

So Stage 4 is in the books. We’re almost halfway through the Tour of Sufferlandria. Tomorrow we head for the mountains which brings our first real climbing stage: “Angels.” Adam and I are going to try to meet up for this one. It should be a painfully good time.

Suffer on, my friends.

Update: Read about Stage Five (and how I wrecked my bike… inside… on a trainer.)

Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Three

My legs were definitely tired and heavy heading into Stage 3 of the Tour of Sufferlandria, the first stage where I would ride without Robby “The Darkness” Brown. That being said, I felt better than I thought I would after the first two stages (Stage 1 and Stage 2). Eating enough good, nutritious food and getting enough sleep has definitely helped. And riding a bunch of Sufferfest Videos in the weeks leading up to the Tour helped prepare me… Well, at least it helped prepare me as much as one can prepare for this Tour.

With the kids off to school, I drank my morning Butter/Coconut Oil Coffee (Bulletproof Coffee), grabbed a small bite to eat, and headed down to hurt myself with Stage 3: “Fight Club.”

bulletproof coffee before Sufferfest

Coffee blended with butter and coconut oil. Sounds weird, but it’s delicious!

“Fight Club” was the first Sufferfest Video I’ve ever done, and it’s one of my favorites. It has some threshold work (of which I need a lot), climbing, and lots and lots of attacks.

The warm-up went fine, and the first of five “laps” went pretty good. The second “lap” started fine, but my legs really started to hurt after the first attack. And it just got progressively harder from there.

I managed to eek out the power numbers on the threshold work and climbs, but I again had to push harder than TrainerRoad‘s power numbers during the attacks to ensure enough suffering. And trust me, I suffered.

Sufferfest Fight Club on TrainerRoad

Blue shows the target, Yellow is what I actually did.

Those attacks made the threshold efforts that much harder to maintain. Then the lower cadence climbing at the end of each lap was really tough, and the attacks on during those climbs made it just awful.

My ass was in a bit of pain too. I think I’ll switch my Brooks Saddle from my gravel bike to my road bike on the trainer for the rest of the Tour. By the end of the ride, I was more than ready to be done.

End of TOS Stage 3

I couldn’t even fake a smile.

UPDATE: Robby finished his Stage 3 later in the evening. Here is his post-ride pic:

The Darkness after Stage 3 of the Tour of Sufferlandria

The Darkness couldn’t smile either apparently.

I was totally trashed after this one. I wobbled upstairs to re-hydrate and scarf down some food after stripping my soaking wet clothes off. I was a sweaty mess! I donated a lot of, as Sufferlandrians say, “Holy Water” during today’s stage. Take a look at my t-shirt after Stage 3:

So much Holy Water was donated, in fact, that my shoes were soaked all the way through. Actually, they were still damp from yesterday’s stage of “Blender.” So I decided to stuff them with newspaper so they’ll be a little drier for tomorrow’s stage.

bike shoes stuffed with newspaper

This works for Adventure Racing, so it’ll work for Stage Racing as well.

Speaking of tomorrow’s stage… **shudders** Tomorrow brings the newest Sufferfest Video – “Nine Hammers” – and it is the hardest video I’ve done so far. It’s going to really, really hurt. Just like today, we’ll be doing tomorrow’s stage solo.

Robby and I didn’t realize it, but Adam is also doing the Tour on his own. This is great news! Another Virtusan suffering together virtually. We’re planning on riding some of the stages together later in the week if we can make it work.

Suffer on, my friends!

Update: Now you can read about Stage Four of the Tour

Tour of Sufferlandria: Stage Two

With my legs feeling yesterday’s Stage 1, I was a bit worried about Stage 2. I kept reading on the Tour’s Facebook page how much everyone around the world was suffering. I guess that’s the whole point of this thing, though.

Stage 2 had us doing “Blender” – The Sufferfest’s second longest video at 1 hour, 44 minutes, and 27 seconds. That’s right. Nearly 2 hours on the trainer. For those of you who have never had the “pleasure” of joining us for the Super Century, that might seem like a ridiculously long time to sit on the damn trainer and ride inside. And you’d be right.

Stage 2 of the Tour of Sufferlandria

But “Blender” was great, and the time really seemed to fly by. Sort of, anyway. I forgot to start my TrainerRoad app, so we had to pause the video and wait for the app to catch up. That just meant we got about 5 minutes of bonus warm up spinning.

After the warm up, we got right into the work, and the first 10-minute threshold interval followed by a short recovery and then a VO2 Max interval hurt so good. I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe we still had an hour and twenty minutes left. But then I soon found myself sort of getting into a groove.

My target numbers on TrainerRoad based off my FTP test were pretty much spot on for this first round of intervals. I managed to stay close or slightly above the recommended power level, but it hurt. And I suffered.

Blender on TrainerRoad

Blue is the target, yellow is what I actually did.

The next thing I knew, we were through the first set of longer intervals and ready to start the second set of shorter, power intervals, working on VO2 and anaerobic capacity, and we were over halfway through the video.

The power numbers on TrainerRoad were too easy for these shorter, higher intensity intervals, so I just pushed harder and went by Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) instead of the power numbers. I ended up with a much higher power output for these intervals than TrainerRoad recommended (that’s why the yellow line is much higher that the blue in the photo above).

I’m not sure what to make of that. That could mean I’m better at sprinting than riding at or just below threshold. Or maybe I need to retest my FTP. But then that might make the longer, threshold intervals too difficult.

So, I’ll just finish the tour with the FTP I’m currently using and retest after the Tour is over. And if anything seems too easy, like the anaerobic intervals did, I’ll just push myself harder.

After the anaerobic intervals, we had 3 more threshold intervals. These were tough since our legs were already fried. But we managed to finish, and we were both disgustingly sweaty – literally dripping onto the floor and without a dry spot on our bodies. It was fantastic.

finish of stage 2 of the Tour of Sufferlandria

Why yes, that is a 2011 Fantasy Football Championship Banner in the background.

After the cooldown, we hopped off our bikes, gave a few fist-bumps, and basked in our suffering. It was a really great ride with some awesome footage of road racing, mountain biking, cyclocross, and even some fat bike snow riding.

After saying bye to Robby, I headed upstairs where my incredible wife had a steaming bowl of homemade Pizza Soup waiting for me. It was just what I needed after a hard ride. Big thanks to the Mrs.

Pizza Soup after stage 2 of the Tour of Sufferlandria

For the next few days, Robby and I will be completing each stage on our own since our schedules won’t match up until Friday. Then we will reunite and finish this thing together.

Tomorrow brings the first Sufferfest video I’ve ever done: Fight Club. Stay tuned…

(Update: Stage 3 is done)

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