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Just for Fun Friday: The ALPO Acountability Edition

Well, Bob and I talked about keeping this one to ourselves since we probably (definitely) share too much with all of you, but I decided that posting this would be in our best interests.  Since Bob is always calling me the team captain, a title I refuse to accept unless it allows me to do something like this, I figured I could make an executive decision.

Captain of Team Virtus Adventure Racing

Now THAT'S a captain we would all follow!

So, here’s the deal…

I’ve gotten a little chubbier over the winter.  My training has been going very well, but my nutrition has been hit or miss.  I’ll be “good” for a few days, and then I’ll fall off the wagon and eat everything in sight for a few days.  Since we’ll be racing the 24-Hour LBL Challenge in just 5 weeks (more on that in an upcoming post), it’s time to get my sh*t together.

I’ve done the “accountability thing” in the past with some success, but I never fully followed through with my plans.  And the results definitely didn’t stick.  Yes, I’m thinner than I used to be, but I’m not where I need to be.  So to get ready for LBL, I emailed Bob on Valentine’s Day (No it wasn’t a Valentine’s e-Card…  I sent him a real card).  Here’s what I wrote in the email:

“I weighed 218.5 as of this morning.  I’ll be 205 or less by LBL or I’ll eat a can of dog food and you can film it for the blog.  How’s that for accountability?”

Roughly 30 minutes later, Bob replied with:

“I’d say that’s pretty damn good.  As long as we’re on the accountability bandwagon, I’ll promise to eat a can if I’m not 245 before LBL.”


This might be the only gravy in the world Bob and I wouldn't happily devour.

So, now it’s out there on the Interwebz.  And no, I didn’t come up with this terrible idea on my own.  I got it from one of my favorite Strength Coaches, Dan John, who got it from motivational guru Anthony Robbins, who got it from one of his clients…  I strongly suggest you check out the article right here.  And since most of you won’t actually read the article, here’s  a quote from that article that really resonated with me:

“The problem is simple: Most of us know what to do. Let me say this again: Nearly every reader knows what to do about losing fat and/or gaining muscle. It’s like telling people they need to put on a seatbelt or to stop smoking or to floss daily. I mean, we know that information, but sometimes, well, we just can’t find the floss.”

I know many of you will be rooting for our failure, and honestly, I don’t blame you.  I think it would be hilarious to see someone eat a can of dogfood.  But hopefully, Bob and I have found our floss.  And even more hopefully, you won’t be seeing us eat ALPO anytime soon.  Sorry to disappoint you.

***Editor’s Note: My friend and former high school teammate, Chris, used our facebook page to call me out on my back up plan.  As a former wrestler, I could easily be down to 205 pounds in just a few hours by cutting weight if I really wanted to.  But since that’s not the Virtus Way, I promise to actually lose the weight and not just drop water weight.***

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