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Just for Fun Friday – Expedition Racing Edition

The longest race we’ve ever done is The Berryman Adventure 36 Hour Adventure Race in 2010.  We’ve done a 24- hour Rogaine race, and we’re going to do the Lionheart 25-Hour Adventure Race in a few weeks as well as The Berryman 36 again in September.  These are incredibly difficult and enjoyable (although painful) races.  We always push ourselves to new limits and learn something new about ourselves at every long race… But there’s still a part of me that truly wants to do an expedition-length race, one lasting up to 6 or even 10 days.

To give you an idea of what an expedition race is like, check out the video below.  It’s pretty long, but if you have 50 minutes or so this weekend and you love adventure racing as much as we do, then you NEED to watch the video.


Now, we’re clearly not ready for an expedition race… Yet!  Maybe next year (Primal Quest is coming back in 2012!).  I think we could be ready physically and mentally by next year, but we’d need a miracle to make it possible financially.  Expedition races are expensive!  Often the entry fees are well over $1000.00 per racer, PLUS airfare, PLUS lodging, PLUS gear requirements, PLUS food, PLUS the toll it takes on the family.  But hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

How about you guys?  What’s the longest race you’ve ever done?  And what is the longest race that’s on your bucket list?

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